No place like home!

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was good. I felt kind of like hell

due to the night before. But I salvaged Thanksgiving the best I could.


See that giant beer? It belonged to me. And a couple more followed.

And then this did.


Pizza. Remember when I was giving up cheese because I wanted to die

when I ate it? Yeah. I paid for this all day yesterday. But there is no

pizza like Bill’s Pizza. Today my stomach is recovering. It was worth it.


Even with a killer stomach I put in 5 slow miles before I ate my

Thanksgiving. It was perfect running weather here in Maine.


Home sweet home. You can see George’s head peeking out from the window.

Dinner was ready for me when I walked in the door. Most people get

dressed up. I ate in my dirty running clothes.


My main meal was a delicious Field Roast. It was tasty! I had all

the fix in’s with it. we are quick eaters around here and finished in 30

mins flat. Might be a record in this house.


I had plans to do some Black Friday shopping but I still wasn’t

feeling so hot so I had to opt out for more sleep.

Today I helped Lily clean, which meant I did all the cleaning

and organizing in here room for her. Then we had some fun.


Happy official holiday season! It’s my favorite time of year.

Question: What do you do to get in the holiday spirit?

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