Photo montage around here

Well- it’s been awhile since I checked in. I was enjoying Thanksgiving with the family

and then some recovery time around here. So let’s just catch up with a photo montage. Shall we?


Hangtime with friends in Boston.


.In Maine.



Reliving my childhood by playing serious amounts of skeeball.




Dancing. Aka the lunge move on the dance floor. Only slightly embarrassing

if you are my friend and you catch me doing this.




Going back to the gym. It was like the devil trying to step foot in heaven. I’m surprised

I didn’t burst into flames because it had been so long. I was moving so fast this

photo is blurry. Feel the burn!!



Night time runs are in full swing. Luckily the weather is warming up here in Boston

and it makes the runs a little bit better. And this view is incredible.



Now I am chowing down some cheerios and making more tempeh bacon.

Yeah- my third batch in a week. I. Can’t. Stop. It’s my go to lately.

I’m also watching the voice. Go Two-toned hair girl! Woot Woot!


Any go to foods? What can’t you get enough of?!?


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