Dip it low. Pick it up slow.

I was all about it shaking it with my main girls this weekend. Dip it low. Pick up slow.



I had a nice fun weekend hanging with some of my home girls. We were celebrating

Candice’s 30th birthday. Her boyfriend threw a nice surprise for her.

 Love these gals. And I love the antics we get into.



Those blurs are the dance moves. I am throwing some antlers up I think? It’s hard to say.

But we had a good time dancing like crazy people. Per usual- all the men loved the moves.



 There are different types of people at the bars. The dancers. The watchers.

The shot takers. The creepers. I could go on. But we were definitely the dancers at this party.


I called it an early-ish night around 12 because I had a long run scheduled for Saturday.

Yeah that didn’t happen. The rain sucked and I wasn’t having it. So I decided on gyming

instead and read some magazines while I ellipticaled. Then Casey and Ashly came over

for a little girls night in. Wine, crackers, cookies and wine.



So much good stuff. Trader Joe’s in the bomb diggity for nights in. You can get bottles of

sparkling wine for $3.99 and cheeses and so much more. Today I’m powering through leftovers

in the fridge. I don’t mind left over cookies that’s for sure!


Today I laid low. I was pretty lazy to be honest. I had 9 miles lingering over my head. And I kept

putting it off! My main man was by my side and so snuggly today so I didn’t want to leave.



But I finally bit the bullet and ran the 9 miles. They were kind of slow for me. I was averaging

around 8:50 miles. Eh. I’ll take it but my legs already hurt now. Will they ever get used to it?

I got it done and over with and now I’m exhausted. Bed is in the near future. Once I finish

watching the “Bill & Guiliana” marathon. They are the worlds cutest and coolest couple.

I’m also going to be pondering how this taste.



It kind of scares me.


Question: What kind of bar person are you?

I’m usually a dancer and a watcher. I love love love people watching.

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