Fancy Suits and Dresses

Dancing is the greatest. Especially with friends. And especially

in beautiful dresses and suits.



Oh- not those outfits.



That’s more like it.


We had our annual Holiday party for work. It was held at

the beautiful Revere hotel. It was an absolute blast.





I was supposed to run 10 miles this weekend. That didn’t happen.

I was simply over tired and needed to catch up on sleep.

Today I did run the Jingle Bell Run in Somerville. It was the

most fun race I’ve done thus far. Baby 5k. Done.




My running partner was the lovely Emily. We’ve done a lot

of miles together. This one we ran mostly together and it was

fast. We were running like 7:30 miles. YIKES! My lungs and

legs were just burning. But we finished and my favorite thing

was waiting at the end.


Beers on beers on beers. It was delightful. We tore up the dance

floor after and called that stretching. Eh. It counts right?


Beer makes running better. Right?

Yeah I think so too. I came back home to pass out

for a couple of hours. I was clearly lacking serious amounts

of sleep this weekend. Now I’m off to hang out with some friends

and pretend to watch the Pats game.


Question: What do you when you need to catch up on sleep?

Sleep the weekend away?

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