The bucket list trip

Sometimes you feel like a run. Sometimes you don’t.


Today I did. I ran 13.56 miles in 2:05:17. I had a few stops and slow downs

due to stop lights and snow/ice problems. So it would have been less

but I’m taking it. I’m happy that I got the (almost) 14 out of the way

before my big trip. I was worried that when I got back that my legs

would fail me somehow. But I’m leaving on a confident note that when I

return, 16 won’t be too challenging for me.


I do believe every runner deserves a reward. And I had mine.


A cannoli. Fresh from Modern Pastry in the North End. I had to pick up

a few for my mom before we met up for the George drop off so I figured

I’d have one for myself. I was in need of sugar. So I powered through one

on the way back to my illegally parked car. Luckily- no ticket. Score!


I always dread the time before trips. It means I say goodbye to my main man.


Whenever I travel for fun or for work, my parents have George stay

with them in Maine while I’m away. He actually enjoys it because they

live in the middle of the woods. So, while I’m on vaca, so is George. It’s a win

win for us both.


So my first real vacation in a while starts tomorrow. WOOO!

What am I doing? Heading to Peru!! To hike the Incan trail

to be specific. This has been the number one trip on my bucket list

for a long time now. And it’s finally happening with Ms. Maggie.

I’ve got a log of packing today tonight and I’m still recovering from a cold.

But this view…



I really can’t believe it and I can’t wait to tell you all about the trek. It’s 4 days

of hiking to get here. It can’t come soon enough!


Question: What’s your dream trip? The “bucket list” trip!

2 thoughts on “The bucket list trip

  1. That’s so exciting! You’ll have an amazing time. I leave on my dream trip in the fall, going around South America for a couple of months and studying Spanish. Peru is definitely on my list!!

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