I’m packing it up and getting ready to hit the road. Before I leave

I thought it would be awesome to do a post on what to pack for

this kind of trip. I’m spending almost 8 days in Peru and everything

has to fit into my 35 Liter pack.


Maybe I should have gone bigger? Well- I said I wanted to be

a minimalist this year and here’s the ultimate test. I really have

to be careful what I pack since I don’t have a ton of room.



Here is my packing list for 3ish days of hang time and 4 days of hiking.


– Hat/bandana

– 2 pairs of running tights

– 1 pair of jeans

– 5 tshirts

-2 long sleeve shirts

– hiking boots

– 8 pairs of socks

– gloves

– 4 sports bras

– 1 regular bra

– Toms

– Outer Shell

– Zip up fleece

– Sun block & sun glasses

– bathing suit

– 2 packs of wet wipes (mobile shower)

– dry shampoo

– headlamp

– gallon zip lock bags

– tooth paste

-tooth brush

– face wipes

– camera

– chargers (phone & camera)

– journal

– pen

– extra hair ties

– 12 protein bars

– jelly beans (sugar is needed)




I think I’m ready! I’m finishing my packing and I need to be to the

airport in about 2 hrs. WOOOO! See you guys with so many pics

and updates when I get back.


Question- What are your packing essentials?


Ps- What do you think of the new layout? I’m still messing with it

but it’s a work in progress!

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