Peru: Where altitude sickness isn’t a joke.

Hiking in Peru was hard. Like really hard. On one day it felt like

being on stair master for 8 hours. I wanted to die. I wanted to jump

from the side of the mountain. But let’s start from the beginning. Day 1

of adventure started in Cusco.


I arrived into Cusco on Monday morning with Maggie. We flew from

Boston->JFK->Lima->Cusco. We were greeted at the airport by our transfer

service and taken to our hotel. We sipped on the Coca Tea to help with altitude

sickness. We walked around to take in some of the sites.




Look at those blue skies. They didn’t hang around for long.


Clouds be rolling in.



The streets are clean and lead to the main square. We wandered around and

had lunch a the at the Inka Grill. It’s located right on the main square

and had great food. After lunch we had to run because there was an insane

rain storm where we had to run back to our hotel. When it rains in Cusco,

 it freaking pours.  It’s no joke. We had to pay laundry services to dry our clothes!



We got back to the hotel in time for my altitude sickness to set in. That’s right.

This girl It’s no joke. It was like the worst hangover I’ve ever had without

having a drop of alcohol. WTF. I pounded some powerade in between

the intense vomitting sessions. Since I couldn’t leave the room, we order room service.

When sick- I suggest eating something that might taste just as good coming up.


Ice cream stuffed pancake. Yeah. Being vegan wasn’t an option in Peru and I was

ok with it. I’m happy to be getting back into a routine here but it was nice to let go for awhile.

Look- altitude sickness sucks. Really, really sucks. Drink the damn tea.

Eat the damn leaves.Do everything the Peruvians say and chug some powerade/gatorade as well.

It helps!


The next day I was feeling a lot better so we go to explore a lot more which was great.

We had the lay of the land so we were ready to set out and explore Cusco.


To be continue…


Question: Have you ever gotten sick while you’ve been away from home? What did you 

do to feel better?


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