Pisco in Cusco. Cusco in Pisco

I’m so happy that we flew into Cusco a couple of days before we started

our trek. Otherwise I would have never survived. After my issues with

altitude sickness, it was nice to enjoy Cusco and all the little

town has to offer. If you are planning on hiking,  fly in early. Enjoy

the sites and walk around. Breath in the thin air. It feels nice on

the lungs.


This is the main square in Cusco. Lots of cool stuff to see and do around

here. Great restaurants and bars to get down at.



Little baby narrow streets. And cars come rip-roaring around the

corners and almost kill you. But they always apologized.



And after you realize you aren’t dead after cars zoom past you, you can

enjoy Peruvian beer with a friend on the square. In the sun.

Then you hit up the 100% owned irish pub in town.




When you take a break from all the peruvian drinks, you hit up

some of the sites.


Everything is so green and lush in Cusco. It’s probably because it

rains every hour, on the hour. It’s refreshing. Literally.

I can recommend visiting the Incan Museum and two of the majah

cathedrals. The city itself has a lot of spanish influence in the architecture.

All the stone buildings and churches are beautiful. And there is a

ton of history  in Cusco since it was the capital of the Incan empire

back in the day. All roads of the empire lead to Cusco. It was the

Washington D.C. of it’s time. Kind of. You can still view the house

where Francisco Pizzaro lived. Come on. That’s cool stuff.


We ate more food after exploring. And had more bevs.


Fried rice with fresh shrimp and scallops. Amazing. Go to Limo if you ever

find yourself in Cusco. They have some of the best food in town.


And order the Pisco punch. Sans ice. Maggie loved it. Who are

we kidding. I did too. One pisco at that altitude. Watch out!


Cusco was awesome but the trek was the best part. And it’s about to



Question: What’s the first thing you do when you get to a new town/city?


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