Unforgettable Peru. That’s what you are.

Unforgettable. That’s what you are.

Unforgettable. though near or far.

Day 3 was called the unforgettable and for good reason.


It was typical monsoon weather in the morning. It made for a slippery

hike on the trail. NBD. We were prepared. No major slips.


I want to tell you the views were stunning but I can’t. Because when

these mystic clouds roll in, there wasn’t much visibility. This was always

eerie to me and creeped me out. Mysterious Peruvian mountains. It

made for an interesting hike up the first pass of the day.


Once we made it, we placed our rocks on top and made wishes.

Hope mine comes true. You get three and I swear I didn’t

waste mine on stupid things. Like the need for more

stuff in my life.


Here is Mag-a-licious. She probably is miserable here because

the rain was really pounding on us. It made all the rock

pathways a nightmare.


There were some cool caves on the trail. You had to

walk through these cools caves to continue on the path to

righteousness. Or the Incan Trail.


On the Incan Trail there were just these ruins…everywhere. It was pretty much

like being in an adventure novel. The choose your own ending kind.


We were almost to camp and this happened. Yeah this view. Look

at that river wind through the valley below. Red water rolling through

because of the clay it was unearthing further up-stream. It was perfect.

It was the first time on the trek we weren’t surrounded by other people

at the ruins. They felt like ours to discover.


I was just climbing this thing. It was massive.


The stairs went on forever.


It was just awe-inspiring. I could have stayed here all day long.

But we had to get to camp and see one more site.


The view from Winay Wayna. It translates to the Forever Young. This place

went on forever. The sprawling views of completely untouched

wilderness. It was unlike anything I’ve ever laid my eyes on.


We pondered for a while. Located right on the Urubamba river it is thought

to have been a rest stop for tired travelers heading to Machu Picchu.

We were weary ourselves so we took our time here. It was another site

where few people were wandering around.


It was the greatest way to finish the 3 days of hiking. We knew

day 4 would be amazing but we never knew that this whole

trip would include “ah ha” moments. Every twist and turn brought

something new and amazing. It was like a feast for the eyes.

 Day 3 was my favorite day of the trip. I know this sounds

crazy because Machu Picchu is supposed to be the highlight of Peru.

But- there is so much more to this amazing, mystical, magical



QUESTION: Where have you been that just left you in awe? 

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