The 3 B’s

I’ve been back in Boston for a couple of weeks now and adjusting

nicely. I came back in time for the engagement of two of my

good friends. Lindsay and Tommy!


(I borrowed this picture from Lindsay as I only had funny

pics that didn’t show them off enough)

They are one heck of a couple and all of use gals couldn’t

be happier for them. So much love.


We celebrated the engagement and Tommy’s 30th birthday in

style. Lindsay threw him a surprise party but then he turned the

surprise around by having her mom and a few friends fly in.

Talk about some serious love.



These girls start the 3 B’s. My b*tches. Yeah, you heard. These

girls are my girls.


I’m lucky to be surrounded by all these lovely ladies in my life.

They are a barrel of laughs and constant support. Especially during

this crazy marathon training time. They are all my own personal

cheerleaders. It’s pretty cool.


It’s pretty hard to imagine life without them. There are a lot

more people in my life that are awesome too but alas, I can

only post so many photos in this time.




They also deal with my weird antics. Like how I just carry these

glasses in my purse for fun.


The second B- Boys. I’ve been doing a lot better with getting

out into the world and meeting new people. Even with my

crazy work/travel schedule, I’m making time for Boys. And not

just for this one.


I finally did a grouper with the girls. It was a ton of fun.

If you are single and in a city, do it. You might not fall in love,

 but you will have many drinks and have some fun meeting new

people. And you take funny photos like this in the middle

of the bar. After a few drinks of course.


I still love boys. But I’m still trying to figure it out and how to be 27

and do it all. It’s hard to juggle work, running, sleeping, friends,

dating and family life. I’m a work in progress.


The final B. Well it’s a good one. I must say. This B is caused by something

I love. Something that has recently become a big part of my life.

Running. Marathon training.


Last weekend I went away to Lake George with some gal pals. I had

18 on the running menu and I knew it had to be done. It was a slow

18 and very hilly but it was done. It was over. Praise the lord.


Yesterday I had my big 20. THE big one.


20. Done. I celebrated with a meal from Life ALive. YEAH!!! Honestly,

when I hit mile 19 I started crying. Not because I was in pain. But because

 I realized this was actually happening and I could actually do it. It

was a wild feeling! I was on a high but it couldn’t last. Because the final B



Ok. Bunion. WHAT?! Am I old enough to feel like I have a bunion?!

I did some research because I had this nagging pain on the side of

my foot. Bunions can be caused by shoes! So in cultures where they don’t

really wear shoes, no bunions. Who would have known?!

It only recently started so my assumption is that it’s from all the running

I’m doing and the shoes I’m wearing. I currently wear a New Balance Minimus.

I love them. I feel like they give my toes room to move and jive.

My poor feet. I’ve lost some toenails and now, the Bunion!  What gives?


Question: What are your three B’s?


Also- If you like to make a donation to my race cause please click

here. I thank you kindly 🙂

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