Things your friends should tell you

So if you’ve been living under a rock you didn’t know that the North

East got hit by Nemo. It was rough but I get by with a little help from



Some beers. Left Hand Milk Stout. My absolute favorite beer and

favorite recovery drink.


I celebrated the snow day with Casey. This is what the streets looked

like in our hood. It was rough out there. We got a little crazy.

Impromptu pub crawl anyone?


I made snow angels… in the streets. NBD.

The storm was rough. But with another beer we made it. It was

an interesting weekend here in Boston since Nemo made his



Things your friends should tell you.

There are a few things you friends should always tell

you. And if they aren’t….

Your boyfriend is a douche bag. 

VH1 Save The Music Foundation Gala

Some friends might kill me for posting John Mayer but come on! If my

friend was dating this guy, I’d say “your boyfriend is hot but

he’s putting his eggs in a lot of people’s baskets. If you catch my drift.”

Honesty is the best policy.


Sushi is a bad idea on a night when you plan to booze.

Especially if it includes an entire beer tower.


Taste good going down.


Not so much coming up.


You will get so depressed when you train for a marathon. There will be

days that you wake up and think you gained 20lbs over night. You will

cry. You will be moody. You will not feel like running for weeks on end.

You will feel gross. Fat. Out of shape. This all sounds crazy but it’s

what my mind has been going through for a few weeks and it’s been

rough. I couldn’t get out my own head. So instead of trying to beat the

rut, I sat in it. I drank and ate bad food. This in turn made it worse. Way

worse. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. You’re own head can be

your biggest enemy.


I needed to stop having serious amounts of self-pity. So today I went out.

The best way I knew how.


I ran a very slow 3 miles. I had to dodge bodies on the nonexistent sidewalks

since they were not plowed or taken care of at all. But the point was that

sometimes you have to find how to get out of the rut. I’ve been researching

if something is wrong with me and if my hormones were crazy. Nope.

Apparently it’s just what can happen to you when you do insane workouts.

More people should write about this because I legit thought I was

going crazy. Maybe I am? But I’m going to keep running. Not because

I have to but because I want to. I love running. Running is my John Mayer.

Dangerous. Addictive. And can be a real douche bag sometimes. But like

Katy Perry, I can’t get enough of him no matter how many times we break up.


Question: Have you ever had running induced depression?

Or workout induced depression?

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