Why you so obsessed with me?!

I’m one week away from running a marathon. Yikes. Never thought

this would actually be happening. But I can tell you I’m really

enjoying tapering. I started with a romantic valentines dinner with

friends. There were roses and cotton candy. We went to Lolita in

Boston. It has a good atmosphere and the food is decent. It

was a fun place to go to v-day with gal pals.



Friday morning Casey and I trekked down to Faneuil Hall because

the Today show was filming in Boston! Ahhh! Now you might remember

how much I love Matt Lauer so I didn’t even care when my alarm went off

at 4am. I pretty much rolled out of bed, picked up Casey and illegally parked



“Hey everyone, come see how good we look!” We were pumped. And a little

tired and hungry. No coffee. Just running on adrenaline. We arrive around 5:30.

Good thing we did.


Because we met sister Savannah Guthrie! I kept shouting while practically

ripping my jacket off, “we’re pi phi’s!!” She finally made her way over and

said “my pi phi girls!” We got huge hugs and this beautiful photo. Yeah.


Then Mindy Kaling showed up! WHAT?!! Didn’t expect that. What a peach

she was. She walked around the crowd talking to everyone. And she was a brave

soul wearing 5inch heels on the cobblestone streets.


It was a cool experience. I was bummed Matt didn’t make it to us and I wasn’t

able to touch his abs, but it was still awesome and we had a ton of fun

hanging out and seeing it live.


After the show, I went home for a nap and to pack for a weekend in

Maine. Since I’m tapering, rest and relaxation is really important.

No booze will pass these lips until I finish the marathon. Hydration mode

is fully on. It feels ok actually. What also felt ok?


My snowy 6 mile run today to keep the legs moving and healthy.

I wasn’t feeling it until mile 4 but that happens sometimes and you just

have to keep your head in the game.


When the run was over I played some checkers with this New Year’s

Princess. She keeps wearing this crown like a headband. It’s cool. She’s pretty

trendy and goes to the beat of her own drum.


Now look. It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about my love of the week.

Well it’s time. Now, my stalking is getting sick. And I’m sorry that I’m

not sorry. I love you. I do. I can’t get enough of you. It’s getting real bad.

So might say… I’m obsessed. And they’d be right.


I just bought my clarisonic mia. I purchased this thing on Tuesday and literally

have used it a handful of times already. Until a friend told me that I was stripping

my skin of the good stuff. Oops. I’ll back off a little. But honestly- if you don’t own one…

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! It feels like facial every time you use it.

Anddddd I’ve been using my on my chest and back. I’ve been having some break

outs due to all the running and this thing is already working wonders.

If you want to glow like J.Lo. Get this!


Question: What’s your love of the week? Must have item on your beauty list?

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