24 hrs and counting

So tomorrow morning at 10am I’m running my first marathon.

I’m eating, drinking and trying to be merry. It’s hard. It’s a lot

of weight sitting on my shoulders. My brain doesn’t have a lot

of room to think about other things. Well… there is room to

think about what to eat.


The world’s smallest and most blurry cinnamon bun. It was one bite

but it was a tasty one.


Just a post brunch snack for getting my carbs in. NBD. This is my

go to love for sugar.


Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Sugar is a carb right?


Kale chips from TJ’s. POW! I love kale. Especially when they taste like chips.

It’s the best way to eat vegetables.


Race snacks. I packed up all my race goodies for tomorrow.

Clif Blocks- the best adult gummies. Clif shots- I only ever eat the

chocolate ones because they taste like fudge. Nuun- the best hydration

tool when you’re on the road. I love the lemonade.


I’m ready to do this thing. It’s been long enough. I hope the

weather holds off and it’s not too bad. It’s exciting stuff. My best

gals are driving down to support me and cheer (and drink in the car

as I run by). It should be a lot of fun and somewhat of an adventure.

One person isn’t so thrilled with the news.

IMG_4131“Don’t leave me!” But George is in good hands. Ashly will be over

to let him out and Alex will come home to cuddle him. I’ll be back

before he even realizes I’m gone.


Good luck to anyone else out there just running today or tomorrow.

Getting out of the house is half the battle. Put your mind to it

and do it.


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