A first (of many?!) marathons

It was a marathon weekend. I headed down to the cape on Saturday

night with Maggie. She came down with me so I didn’t totally freak out

before the race. We had a nice date night that included dinner and

a walk on the beach. How romantic.



I loaded up on pizza and salad. Perfect pre-race meal. It was glorious. Nice

and relaxing. It was exactly what I needed the night before the race. I got a

good night of sleep. Maggie- not so much due to intense sexual session in the

room next to us. I missed that.


I woke up at 7:30 in the morning ready to rock and roll.

IMG_4142It started with some Marylou’s coffee and a bagel, PB and banana for fuel.

It was a great start to the day. I got back to hotel and got suited up.


Maggie dropped me close to the convention center. We said our goodbyes

and I headed to the start line. I stopped to pee real quick and jumped in the

9 minute corral. I knew where I wanted to be time wise. And before I knew

it, I was off. I felt good. I saw Maggie at mile 3 and just waved and kept going.

Mile 5- I had to stop and pee before I peed my pants. It was a bummer to have to stop

so soon in the race but better early than never in this case.



I hit the halfway point and still felt good.  Look at the smile. I saw the rest of the girls- Alex,

Casey, Lindsay, Ashly and Lauren- right before the halfway point. Linds jumped

in for a bit to talk to me and then I was off again!


I felt good until I hit mile 20. The rain was hard. The winds were strong.

It was no longer good.


At mile 22, Maggie joined me for a bit to keep my head in the game.

I was in a tricky place. I hated everyone. I hated everything. I needed

someone to get me back in. She did her best but I had to sort out the

mental games alone. I wasn’t smiling anymore. I just felt insane pain in my

legs. They felt like cement and I didn’t want to lift them anymore. Not to

mention I was tired of being blown around and having to run through

puddles 2 to 3 inches deep. It sucked to say the least.


I saw the sign for mile 25. I only had one left. I literally thought “What is

one F’ing mile?! It’s nothing” WRONG. Longest mile of my life. It seemed to

take forever. I finally hit the 26 mark and I just ran. I saw Maggie jumping up and

down and then I saw all my friends.


I did it. My first marathon completed in 4:13. Not my goal but

I did ok considering the weather but there is always the next one…

I walked inside to see my friends and just starting sobbing. I couldn’t believe

I did it. I DID IT. Yes I did. I am so thankful for all of the support and even

more thankful it’s over. Marathoning is hard. It’s like real hard. I was swearing

at every non-marathoner that ran by me in the race because I was so jealous

they were only doing a half or a relay. I’m sorry for that now because they were

fighting their own battle but at the time- pure hate.


Done-zo. Yup.

Purple toe and all. Think that’s going to fall off?



Now I’m just recovering the best way I know how.



Question? What the biggest thing you’ve accomplished?!

3 thoughts on “A first (of many?!) marathons

  1. Congrats on your first marathon!!! I know what you mean about the last mile being the longest mile EVER! In the LA Marathon you turn a corner and can see the finish line and it feels like you keep running and running but the line does not get closer… but when you cross it it is a rush like nothing else!!!

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