What’s going on?

Um. It’s been too long. Really it has. Missed youz.

I’ve been really busy with life. I’ll explain in a moment. But

here is a recap of life over here with me. You know… because

I’m still recovering from a marathon?! Ok. Not really. But it feels

nice to use it as an excuse here and there.


I celebrated St. Paddy’s day. A couple of times.


We celebrated with drinks. On drinks. On drinks.


There were some shots. They were kind of green? It took me days

to recover from each of these. Thinking of it now makes my stomach

turn a few times over. But it was loads of fun.

IMG_4225Some people are better party animals than others. This guy was all for

cutting loose and then napping for hours on end. I didn’t mind either.


I’ve been eating some really healthy meals to get back on track.

You know… because I’m trying to get the hot summer body. 6 pack maybe?


Loads of greens. And then microwave banana oat muffins.


With some almond butter. Dessert in 2 minutes or less baby.

But I can’t get used to this lifestyle because… I’m leaving for Cambodia,

Vietnam and Myanmar this weekend! I’m taking a little 3 week vaca/work trip.

It’s going to be amazing and I am truly blessed to have this opportunity. My company

is super cool and everyone’s get this awesome privilege once in a while. I ain’t mad.

I’ll be blogging from the road to show all the amazingness that the 3 countries have

to offer. I can’t wait!



Any suggestions for any of these countries? Where’s the coolest place

you’ve been?

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