Cambodia in pictures

Greetings from Cambodia! It’s after 10pm here. 11 hours ahead of my

home in Boston. I’m writing from the future. It’s pretty grand. I figure

I could post some unreal photos to show how truly amazing this country is.

It’s almost unfair how beautiful it is. And the people are kind and smiling.

Especially when they ask me to buy an arms length of postcards. But I don’t



Because if this is the view I get in the morning. People could beat me up

for all I care.


We trekked into the jungle to see Ta Prohm. Commonly known as the Tomb Raider

site. Remember it from the movie? It’s even better in person! Bone crushing

trees surround the sight and soar into the sky above.


And these ladies are everywhere just trying to have a good time. They just want

to dance.


All roads lead to Cambodia. Or they should anyways.


Everybody loves to smile here. Smiling is their favorite. Even this guy

at Angkor Thom. Happiness is a disease. Catch it if you can.


This place is incredible. There is no where on planet earth that is

like this. I will warn you- the heat is freaking brutal. I’m talking

3 showers a least. There is no point in wearing make up here, ladies.

It will melt off your face faster than you can say “I’m hot.” And clothes-

they should be optional. It’s scortching. It’s after 10pm here and still close to 90

out here. I should shower before I even think of getting into bed.



You can’t come here all crabby about the weather. You come in knowing it’s

going to be hot. You will look terrible. You will sweat from places you didn’t

know possible. But… you’ll be moved by the sights and sounds of Siem Reap.

You’ll be challenged  by the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat to think back to a

time when technology was an ax and elephant. Your imagination  will be

tested to find the space between real and what once was. It’s a special

place to me. The kind of place where I long to come back when ever I can.

(you know..and money allows it because it’s not cheap!)

It’s the kind of place that tugs at your heart strings and makes you

think about the spiritual unknown and beyond. (Did I convince you

to come yet?!)

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