Goooooood morning, Vietnam!

Greetings from the spectacular Vietnam. It’s so beautiful here. It’s almost stupid.

It’s hard to pick a favorite part/place of this trip because everything

has been amazing. The sites. The sounds. The smells… of fresh mango salad.


The food is definitely a highlight for me. Everything is fresh and delicious. It’s hard

to pick a favorite! But I will because it’s fresh mango. I just peeled and ate one

in my hotel room at 9pm. It’s never too late for a mango.


I started this little trip to Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City. Or Saigon to some.


We visited the Notre Dame of HCMC. It was pretty cool. I saw a few different

major sites in the city. Enjoyed rooftop cocktails. And visited the Cu Chi Tunnels.

They were fantastic. It was a story of resilience by the Vietnamese people who were

survivors against all odds. Digging tunnels to simply live. IMG_4410

Here I am going into the tunnels. It was a crawl space. And did I mention

it was about 95 degrees out with high humidity levels? So it was basically

an underground sauna. I’m happy to report that my skin is radiant here

due to the heat and humidity. So nice in fact that multiple Vietnamese

women have told me how much they love my skin. And then they tell me that

it’s because I’m so pale. Yeah. Today I got- “I love you skin. It’s so beautiful. I can

see through it.” Nice. So to all the tan girls- they aren’t jealous of you over here.


Now I’ve made it to Hoi An enjoying these views. The beach is ridiculous.

It’s unfair that I wasn’t aware of the beauty of these beaches until recently.


I took advantage of a sunrise walk around 6:30 this morning. The fishermen were

getting their nets ready to cast out. It was the perfect way to start a day that

including a cooking class.


We walked through the local market to scope out ingredients. Lots of cool things.

Lots of uncool smells of fish and raw meat. Yum. After we finished, we

headed to the cooking class to try our hand at Vietnamese cooking. I have to say,

I’m pretty good. I might do some when I get home. Or maybe not. Hard to say.


We started with a delicious soup that included spring rolls made with cabbage

and shrimp. We made a local pancake, chicken skewer and a green mango

salad. All was delicious. I did a swell job.


I was super stuffed after and wanted to come back to the beach front hotel

and relax while I had time to. I found some iced coffee then was convinced

I should get a pedicure. So I did. For $4. Then I figured why not get a massage.

For $25. Yeah. I’m living it up and treating myself while I can. I might just

get myself a couple more massages and facials while I’m here. You know… for my

see through skin.IMG_4439

But who knows. I might be too busy getting photo bombed by the locals.

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