All the adjectives in the world can’t describe Vietnam

This trip has been a whirlwind. I don’t know what day or time it is now.

I’ve arrived in Myanmar and it’s amazing. But I wanted to finish up with

‘Nam before I head into the current part of the trip. When I last left you,

I was enjoying the beautiful city of Hoi An. I headed to Hue for just one night

after to enjoy some serious pagoda’s.


The drive was just amazing. The mist rose through the mountains and almost

blanketed the valley so perfectly.


We visited temples, shrines and palaces that barely survived the wars. They

are now being restored by UNESCO. They are doing a pretty good job.


These are a few good men located at the tombs. They were located right outside

of Hue. Once we finished with the tombs we were on our way to Hanoi.


Hanoi. The place where Ho Chi Minh declared independence for Vietnam.

This is his resting place. His body is still preserved. It was a little frightening

to look at. I felt he might open his eyes at any moment.


Hanoi is also the land of really good Vietnamese food. Including the rice noodles

stuffed with mushrooms and your meat choice. Oh boy. I was in heaven. I also

ordered chicken satay and brown rice with sesame seeds and coconut. Holy hell. That

was the best rice I’ve ever tasted. I need to recreate.


My trip in Vietnam finished with Ha Long Bay. Which translates to: Descending

Dragons. I’m pretty sure there a ride that has this name at Funtown/Splashtown in

Maine. Am I right?! Well. It was a great way to the end the trip. The place is so beautiful

that it’s hard to imagine anything like this can exist naturally. I will express some

disappointment as it was really crowded. I mean really crowded. There are so many boats

that it almost ruined the relaxation part of the trip. It was noisy and there was trash floating

in the water. It was a little sad to see. But alas, it looks like they are trying to clean it up

and really preserve it. Which makes this girl happy.


Ha Long Bay is definitely a must see. It’s beautiful and it’s peaceful at night right

before the sun sets. It’s just magical. I took advantage of this by doing some kayaking

at night when the sun was setting.


I love Vietnam. And when my plane took off from Hanoi to Yangon, I shed a tear.

I know, I know. I’m a baby. But really, just sentimental about things. I really

enjoyed my time in Vietnam. I love the people, the places, the sounds, the food and

the history. The people have such resilience and have survived hundreds of years

of wars, starvation and political corruption. But they have persevered.

Vietnam is wonderful. Alive. Beautiful. And more. There aren’t enough adjectives

to describe my love for their country. And their coffee.


They really do have the best coffee in the world.


Question: Where is your favorite cup of coffee from?

Mine is definitely from Cambodia but Vietnam is a close second.

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