Let Bagan be Bagan’s.

I’m backkkkkkkkk! Ok- So I’ve been back. But, as most of you know, last week

was kind of crazy in Boston. It was a scary week but it made me even more

proud to live in this amazingly strong city. Everything really gets put into

prospective during these times. But this city really came together and pushed

onward. Amazing.


Let’s talk Myanmar. I spent a glorious week in Myanmar traveling from city to city.

Who is Myanmar? It’s Burma! With just a new and improved attitude.

I flew into Yangon late on Friday evening. I barely had time to enjoy anything there

because it was so late and I was heading to Bagan the next morning at 6:30am.

I got on the flight and arrived. To this.


oh and this.


Bagan was my favorite part of the trip. Here are a few more reasons why.


I love little monks.


Sunset over Bagan. This one is burned into my brain.



Biking in Bagan is a must.


Visiting a farm. I did not come into contact with any livestock on this trip. (sorry



My new hard-working friends that invited me into their home. We couldn’t even

communicate but they welcomed me in to look at pictures of their family.


This is how they make their traditional face wear. It’s a sign of beauty and

they believe it protects them from the sun. I wore a little the first day and it was

kind of cool.


I leave you with this guy. My best friend from Bagan. He was too cute and too cool

for school. All I had was banana. He broke up with me right quick.


Be back soon with more of Myanmer (Burma).


Question: Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?!

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