Living on the lake- Inle Lake

This is the last post on Burma. But fear not because tonight I’m leaving for

Switzerland. Yeah. I don’t take a lot of time to breathe between trips lately.

So, here it is. Inle Lake. A glorious place in the amazing Burma. So here are

some photos of my days spent basking in the sun on the lake and a acquiring

a sunburn that has it’s own category on the burn, baby, burn scale.


I had another opportunity to see the monks. They were practicing their chanting.

It was adorable. I realize I have issues and will soon be served a restraining order

from the Buddhist Monks. All of them.


Riding through the many villages on the lake. It was a quiet and peaceful day.

As my scalp burned and scabbed over.


The scene of the fishermen at fork on the calm lake.


I got all Angelina Jolie and wanted to take all of these kids home. I had the

opportunity to visit the school and hang out with them. Kids are kids.

This is something I learned. No matter where you go in the world,

kids are kids and even if you don’t speak their language, they still love to play,

laugh and be kids. No matter what.


The beautiful scene at Indein. It was incredible. They’ve left it in it’s natural state.

There are some newer little pagodas but I was obsessed with the older folks.


Sometimes you are so happy because you’ve been walking outside in 100 degree

heat to reach the temple. And then you do!


I loved Inle Lake. It didn’t beat out Bagan in my heart but it was close. It’s an

amazing place and I love the locals here. They live on the lake and as

Tim Gunn says, “they make it work.” And they embrace it and love their simple lives.

I’m jealous because I often wish things could be so simple.


After Inle Lake, I headed back to Yangon just for a day before I had to fly home.

Here are the last of the Burma photos. Enjoy!


Ok. More monks. But they are sooooo beautiful! So peaceful looking! Such grace.


Shwedagon pagoda at sunset. Ahhhhhmazing.


The scene at the pagoda. A lot of visitors to engage in prayer and respect for



Myanmar (Burma) changed my life. It changed me. Cambodia stole my heart but

Burma stole my soul. Corny? Maybe. True? Yes. Absolutely, YES!

GO TO MYANMAR. Make friends with the people. Let them steal you

soul. You won’t be mad but you will be sad when you leave.

I shed a tear or 5 on the plane ride to Seoul.


Question: Has any place ever stolen your heart/soul?

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