Lucerne is my “other” home!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last checked in. Once again, I was busy.

I was off to Lucerne for a week for work. We had meetings that I needed

to be there for. It’s always a good mix of work and play. I have friends

there that I love hanging out with so it’s not exactly the worst gig

in the world.  I feel at home when I’m there.


I arrived on a Sunday afternoon. I barely had time to sit down before I heard from

my love, Remi, to meet up for a lunch and afternoon of talking.


There was definitely some coffee’s and laughs included.


I figured since I visit Lucerne so often I’d include a few of my

favorite things about Lucerne.



Pizza from Mama Leone’s. It’s so good. I love not feeling guilty eating a whole

pizza. It’s fresh. It’s delicious. And it’s gone in 10 mins or less.



Running in Lucerne. This is a real photo. This place is real. I love

running there. As long as the weather cooperates, running around the lake

is the perfect running route for morning, afternoon or evening runs.



Chocolate. All things swiss chocolate. Even the beverages. This is a cold chocolate

This one is from Sprungli. We also shared some chocolates before our flight.



Coffee breaks with friends. This includes indulging in my 7th shot of espresso

for the day, playing ping-pong and enjoying the views. The views from

the roof deck at work are ridiculous. I often say it’s unfair because we don’t

have anything that beautiful in Boston.



Celebrating with friends near and far. Once we finish meetings, we celebrate

the end of them and surviving them. I’m lucky enough to have friends all

over the world and I adore my friends in Lucerne. It’s too much fun when I

visit and then I don’t want to leave. But this time- I had to leave because…

I was going to Istanbul!


Me and Kev on our flight to Istanbul. We were pretty wiped but excited to get there!


Question: Where do you travel to that makes you feel at home?

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