Getting Hangry and Hummus in Istanbul

We had a bit of a wild night out on our first full day in Istanbul sooo

we slept in a little bit the next before heading out again.

(I’m going to refrain from posting the drunken/dancing photo’s in

order to not embarrass myself) Our second day was even more

exciting than the first. For me anyways.

Here are some more pictures for must see/do in Istanbul.


We started the morning with the Basilica Cisterns. They were phenomenal.


It was super cool and super creepy in there.

You walked down into the Cisterns and quickly realized you were

underneath Istanbul and also quickly wondered how long this

thing could hold up over time. 


It was one of my favorite things we saw… behind Hagia Sophia and

the Blue Mosque.


After the Cisterns we walked around a bit to find this gem.

It’s Topkapi palace! We first walked into this place, got through

security and realized we didn’t have tickets. Oops. Turedn around and

started again. It was a bit of a maze and none of us were really that into

the sights inside but we did enjoy wandering the grounds and the sprawling

city and Bosphorus views.


 The views were totally worth the trek inside.


After we finished, I was HANGRY. You know, hungry and angry about it.

So we went in search of eats and Lael swore there was a roof top bar (He swore

this everyday and lucked out because we’d end up finding the only one around).

We found Seven Hills and it was amazing because it overlooked both

the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. We listened to the call of

prayer, which was magical, and enjoyed a bite to eat and some tea.


And I found hummus. But I’ll be honest. It wasn’t that good.  Eh. Mediocre

at best.


It was nice to sit in the sun with these kids.


We ended our day sitting on the Bosphorus enjoying hookah and

turkish tea. The sunset was something else.


We had another great meal near Taksim called Leb-i Derya. I highly

recommend this place for not only the amazing food, but also for

the views. Again, with the views. Why are they so good everywhere

in Istanbul? I opted for the salmon and it was hell-a-good.

BUT not as good as the hummus from Babel.

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