The relaxing side of Istanbul

Our final day in Istanbul was relaxing to say the least. And relaxing

was exactly what I needed. Here are some of the pics of our last



We started with breakfast at a local spot. This was just my meal. It was

exactly what I needed.


We passed through Taksim on our way to the Turkish Bath’s. You didn’t think

I’d leave the country without getting a massage and good scrub down did you?

I can’t show you pictures of the bath but it was pretty awesome. We arrived and I was

whisked off in the opposite direction of the men. I started by stripping down into a towel

and went into the baths. I laid down on the hot stone and waited for a lady to come

and scrub my skin until it was bright red. She washed my hair and rinsed my body

and before I knew it, I was relaxing with a massage with hot oil. It was fabulous.

When I finished after about an hour and half of being pampered, I met the boys

and enjoyed another Kebab.


Dude knew how to make a killer Kebab.


We finished Kebab and boarded a boat to do a little Bosphorus cruise. We cruised

down the Bosphorus and sat in the sun. Drank more turkish tea and soaked up

the sights along the way.




After about two hours of cruising, we finished up and decided to sit on the

water and enjoy more tea and more hookah.


It was another perfect day in Istanbul. The sun was shining.


And even more perfect was the baklava that followed.

Istanbul is pretty wonderful and I highly suggest making a visit when time

allows. It’s unnerving that the Taksim area has had riots the last

few days but I certainly hope things get better and more tourist are able

to visit the same Istanbul I was able to see.

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