So you think you wanna date?

I had a killer weekend in Maine with the

family and the Queen Bee, Lily.


We tried to coordinate our outfits.


We spent time by the pool. Having some fun in the sun.

Yeah- that’s a real bathing suit with a tutu on it.


I packed it up on Sunday to head back to Boston to get all the

things done that Sunday’s are made for. I ran errands and then spent

the day with Lauren walking the harbor and eating good eats. We talked

a lot about dating, men, being single. Etc. So I figured this was a good time

for me to write about my own thoughts on dating. Here we go.


#1: When your family ask if you’re dating anyone there are a few ways

to not respond. I wouldn’t suggest the following:

“Dating no. Sleeping around? Sure.”

Your grandmother would probably drop dead right then and there and you’ll

likely be referred to as the town bicycle at all family functions from

then on.

“I’ve been online dating on sugar and I’m seeing a

guy this week who’s 65 and owns his on business”

Anna Nicole Smith Kissing Husband J. Howard Marshall II

I’m all about equal opportunity but if he’s older than my dad and there’s

a good chance he might have had a heart attack in the last year,

he’s not the one for me. And you look like a gold digger. More judgement

from the family at the reunions. Just what you needed more of.

I’ve learned to respond to this question by talking about the awesomeness

that is my life. It’s full. I’m happy. That’s more than a lot of people can



#2: Never date anyone that’s not available.

This means emotionally, mentally, spiritually etc. Looks if he’s

married/dating someone else, hit the road. He can’t give you the time

you need. If he’s mentally unstable it might be fun for a while but eventually,

you’ll likely be arguing with all of his personalities and it’s time to bail. I love

a good charity case but sometimes it ain’t worth it. You can’t change him. Unless

you have some extra prozac lying around.




#3: Just because they look good on paper doesn’t mean they are

an A+ for you.

Look. I’ve been there. I’ve many of times used the line “he looks good on paper.”

Now slap yourself if you’ve said it because it’s dumb. Sure, he’s got a good job,

great education, fantastic family etc. But that means nothing if you’ve got

no chemistry. See, everything you learned in high school is coming into play.




#4: We’re all on our own level of weird. You just gotta find someone

that likes your weirdness.

I’m a little quirky. I’m a little weird. But I enjoy that about me. I find it

endearing when others are a little strange. And I’m pretty confident someone

is going to get my level of strange and really enjoy it. And I, in return, will dig

that about them too. If they aren’t into being weird with me, hit the road.


If it looks like a dance floor, I will conquer it.


#5: When in doubt, get out. 

I get it. I’m 27 and single. When I tell people this, they are sometimes judging

me. I’m pretty confident there have been a few hate crimes against me due

to the fact that I’m 27, single and childless. I should call the police and file a

complaint because all that judgement starts to get heavy. But I’ll say it again and

again, I love my life. I’ve been all over the world. I have some of the best friends

and we have the best times together. So don’t be one of those people that just

thinks about how you’re miserable and single because you’ll be missing

out on some pretty awesome things happening right in front of you.

Plus, you’ll never get this time back so you better live it up!



What are your rules of dating? Or life?

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