Where did you go… my lovely?

Effff. It’s been months since we last spoke. I know. It’s awful.

But I’m a firm believer that distance makes the heart grow.

So they say anyways but this has never worked for any of my

boyfriends. That’s another story for another time. I’ve been doing

some globetrotting among other things.


I went to Greece with Jillian in July. It was everything I dreamed of

and more.


We kept joking with our friends back at home that it was awful

and we weren’t having any fun. But let’s be realistic…


We left Mykonos with zero regrets and a few new friends/people

who’s names we don’t remember. It was incredible. That place

chewed me up and spit me out. But I was happy to have the

saliva of Greece on my body.



Besides Greece, I’ve been busy. Believe it or not. I’ve been loving

life. Lusting after men. And eating to my hearts content.

The opposite of what one should do during bikini season. Oh

well. There’s always next year.


-with gal pals in Lake George-


I’ve been lusting after men. Oh the men. Summer really brings

the best ones out. Am I right?


Maybe summer just brings the best in me out? It’s hard to say. But

I’ve been busting moves from Maine to Mykonos. And just because

it’s fall, I ain’t about to stop the party.


Lunch has been killer too. I’ve had some really great meals.

I broke all my diet rules this summer and just gave in.


I did indulge in fresh veggies galore.


My 7 espresso habit is still kicking.


Crepes. It’s not the streets of Paris. But the crepes

in Mykonos were delicious… especially after partying until 5am.


It’s fall. I’m feeling fresh. I’m diving back into the deep end. I actually

never got out completely but I was treading water there for a bit.

Change is in the air. Let’s embrace it. Go for a run.

Eat outside while you can. Have a drink at your favorite outdoor

spot. Get a new haircut. Buy a new sweater to go over your favorite

summer dress. Yeah. I went there. So let’s do it. Let’s embrace the

season. If I only my parents were still taking me back to

school shopping.


What’s your favorite thing about fall?

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