If you’re not saying yes…

Well. I am officially in my 28th year of life. I have to say…

it feels better than I thought it would. I feel on top of

the world. Literally!

(a little NH hike at Mt. Kearsarge)


I’ve decided this is the year of YES.

“If you’re not saying yes, then you’re saying no.” You heard it.

I kind of already follow this rule but the power of yes and positive

thinking is sure to get you far. I swear by it. And this year is going to be great.

And I’ve got to say.. I’m already off to a hell of a good start.


So I said yes to jumping out of a plane. It was an amazing choice.

Yup. I convinced Lizzie this was a good idea and she should do it it too.

For a quick moment in time, I was a wee bit nervous.

That moment was here.


Standing at the door was the only moment I had a quick thought that…

well this could be it. But before my brain could tell me to bail, I

was flying and soaring through the air.


I jumped. I leapt. I was flying. And man it felt good. It was the kind of rush

that keeps you coming back for more. The kind that gives you a high.

I’d like to compare it to love or lust in the sense that you just want more.

You can’t get it out of your head. You get hooked. I am hooked.

I haven’t laughed or smiled that hard in a long time. I was straight

cheesin’ the entire way down. It was glorious! When I got to the bottom,

I ran with arms open to Lizzie. I was thankful we made it alive.


So I can say with certainty, 28 is kind of awesome. And a few drinks

didn’t hurt to make it awesome either.


I was lucky to celebrate with friends in the best and worst kind of way.

I also thought that running a nice long distance race was a killer way

to make it awesome.


I ran the BAA half with Miss. Emily and PR’d. I ran that thing on 2 hours of

sleep in 1 hour and 48 minutes. I don’t even know how it’s possible

but I did it. I shaved almost 5 minutes off my previous PR. Does this mean

I am kind of a legit runner? I’m not the best but I’m not the worst.

Which is probably why I just keep torturing myself and signing up for

races. But where there are races… there will be beer in my near future.


So my advice for the next year of life? Just say yes. Whenever and

wherever you can. You never know what crazy, weird, awesome and/or

amazing things will come out of it. So go out there. And get weird.

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