What I’ve learned from traveling

I’m lucky enough to get to travel for work. If you’ve been reading

this for a while, you’ve noticed that I’ve been to a lot of places

and met a lot of pretty faces.


(Me and Remi in Lavaux. Don’t mind the awkward pose)


With all this travel and all these friends, I’ve learned a lot. Some

useful and some are just down right ridiculous. But if you were looking

for serious… you should know you came to the wrong place.


1- People everywhere are worried about the same things. Regardless

of their location or ethnic background.

Everyone is still wondering if they’ll find someone to love them. Will

they meet Mr./Mrs. right? Will they live up to their parents expectations?

Are they smart enough? Pretty enough? The list goes on. But the point is,

if you worry about it, somewhere in the world someone is worried

about the same thing.


(Me and Maggie pondering life in Peru)


2- I am a mountains kind of girl.

I used to think I was all about the ocean. Being on it. Being near it.

Smelling it in the air. Feeling it on my skin. And while I still love the

ocean, I’ve come to find that the mountains call me even more. They are

remarkable, beautiful and play mean tricks on the mind. They look so small

until you are in their shadow and they are towering above you. The thrill

I get when climbing and eventually conquering them is unlike anything else.

The coastline still demands some attention from me, but when the mountains

call, I pretty much always answer.


(The peaks on Lake Lucerne)


3- Keep it simple.

Seems…simple right? I think people often forget that simple

is amazing. When traveling, I find it best to pack simple items and mix and

match. And when ordering… I like to keep to the basics. Anyone can over cook

and over spice something. But if you can put the basics together so well

that you make me drool…. I want to be your best friend. Or girlfriend.


(A typical but simple lunch. Served with wine)


4- Walking is always the best way to go.

Hiking, bike riding and running count. There is no better

way to see a city or destination than by foot.


(Hiking the vineyards of Lavaux, Switzerland)



(The reward after climbing pagodas in Burma)


5- Good chocolate and amazing coffee are under rated.

Wherever you are traveling, go and find the best chocolate you can.

I suggest popping into a local grocery store and buying an entire bar.

Now take that bar to a cafe and buy yourself a coffee. Espresso. Latte.

Whatever you like. Now just sit. Sit and do nothing but enjoy that

coffee and chocolate. A big smile will follow.


(Coffee break in Lucerne. It was likely followed by a chocolate break)


6- Slow down.

Sounds easy right? Well not for most Americans. We like instant gratification.

We like meals to last 30 minutes or less. We want everyone on the sidewalk

in front of us to get out-of-the-way. Immediately. But sometimes, you gotta

slow down. Enjoy life as it passes you by. Sit on a park bench. Read a book.

Linger at lunch with friends . Enjoy a piece of chocolate cake after dinner.

Slow down. Relax. Quit moving so fast or else you are going to miss



(chocolate at a french restaurant)


7- Make friends everywhere you go.

Meet strangers. Make some friends. You might never see them

again or they might become some of your new best friends

in your new favorite places.


(The cutest friends ever)


8- McDonald’s french fries taste good in every country.

Yes they do. Especially at 3am after 8 glasses of wine and you

are desperately trying to find your way back to your hotel room.

They will give you the strength. They will guide the way.


(was this needed?)

What have you learned from traveling?

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