2013 please see yourself out.

2013 was good to me. It was a really eventful year. I started this year

with a bang. I went hiking in Peru with Maggie.


That trip was one for the books. And we totally crushed it.


February brought my first (maybe last?) marathon. I finished my first one

in about 4 hours and 13 minutes… in a sleet/ice/rain storm.


My opinion on running changed realllll quick once I was sidelined with an injury

back in October but I’m starting to hit the pavement again.


March/April I trekked back to Southeast Asia. Cambodia, Vietnam and my

favorite place on earth, Burma.


It was the trip of a lifetime.


May brought me back to Asia/Europe for a trip with two of my favorite dudes.

Seeing Istanbul with them was the coolest.



June I took a break from traveling to enjoy life, lust and friends. I dabbled

in dating and spent time doing summer things.


July brought more travels. I traveled to Greece with Jillian

where things got wild and we came home with more than enough

stories to tell.


I might never drink a Mythos beer again.


August and September were a blur and I again, took some time off from

traveling and spent time with friends in the great outdoors.


October I turned another year older and reflected on life and the power

of yes. Oh yeah. I also jumped from a plane to bring in my 28th

year . It was the best kind of fresh air.


That was too much fun.

I also PR’d in my second half marathon!



The rest of October and November I reflected on traveling and being thankful.

I was thankful to get some serious National Parks time out west and

rediscover the wild west with Lizzie.


And I am still thankful for all this incredible year brought me. It was a journey

to say the least but I’ve learned a lot, lusted a lot and traveled a lot. It was

kind of an epic year. I don’t even know have 2014 can top that shiz. But

I’m sure going to try.


And you better believe it’s going to include a lot more people getting

put under the dress.

(the trademark for my signature move is underway.)


So kids, I’m wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year. And I’ll

be back soon with my resolutions… or lack of them.

Get crazy!

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