New Year. Old me.

New year. Old me. I’m still around and kicking it.

I’ve had a couple of weeks to reflect on what my goals and wishes

are for 2014 (that still seems weird). But let’s pause for this awesome signage

I passed on my walk home.


Those are some deep words for a walk home. But totally new year appropriate.

So I’ve been thinking… can we have it all? I sure freaking hope so

because I’ve spent 28 years thinking that I could. That thought brings me to

2014 and the idea of resolutions. Do you make them? If so- do you keep them?

My 2013 resolution was all about saying yes more. And I did that. A little

too much because I didn’t make enough time for me. In 2014 I’m vowing

to be kind to myself. Treat myself better. Quit beating myself down. But more

importantly, I’m going to be following some mantra’s.


(Raphael, my lucky elephant to the rescue)


See- resolutions make you focus on negative things about yourself.

I would rather focus on all the kick ass things I do and keep trying to

love myself a little more. My life mantra for 2014 is going to be

“do things out of love, not fear.”

How often do we pick a path based on fear instead of love?

All too often. So, be fearless. Be fun. Be amazing. Be anything

you freaking want to be and go for any opportunity you want to.

Quit being scared. And if you see me and I’m not going for something

because I’m scared. slap me. I mean it. Wind up and slap me.


Being fearless in Zion.


So celebrate the New Year. Celebrate it every single day.


I’m celebrating in my favorite Hipster ways with friends.


And with Nancy as she refills my yard. Get it girl.

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