Don’t call it a comeback.

Something has changed. Ok, maybe a few things did. Let’s

play a quick round of catch up. After 5 years in Boston,

I packed it up and moved on out. To….. drum roll please..


Wyoming. Yeah. It’s a bit of whirlwind so let’s start from the beginning.


After my trip in November with Lizzie, I knew I had to move. I wanted

to be in the mountains. I was longing for fresh air. I was craving an

adventure. Big Time.


I wanted to be in the middle of nature’s finest.

I just was tired of life in Boston and realized I was content living there.

Not happy. Content. Which for me, wasn’t good enough.  I started looking

at jobs in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. I poked around for a while

and nothing happened. Until I got a call from the Wyoming Office of

Tourism in January. I flew out for an interview and a day later, they offered

me the job. The catch? I was giving my two weeks notice to my current job

that Monday. I had two weeks for goodbyes and packing.


After the two weeks, I flew to a conference in LA for the new gig and then back

to Wyoming to find a place to live. Luckily, I found a place in the day I had.

I flew back to Boston and packed up the rest of my stuff and said the

final goodbyes and hit the road. I was lucky enough to have Alex

on board for the co-pilot gig. You can see she loved it.


We hit the road on a Wednesday morning. Drove through Mass, New York and

Pennsylvania. It was hell. I’m not going to lie. After a stop at Niagara Falls,


where it rained ice, we made our first overnight in Cleveland. We had a nice

dinner at Cracker Barrel. That place is taking over the US. This is something

I learned on my trip.


We hit the road again and made it to Iowa this time. The roads were getting

longer. We were getting crazier and more delirious. We just wanted

it to be over. Especially when we hit Nebraska. I’m sorry if you live

there but man, driving through that state is hell on earth.


I was sleeping at the wheel. For reals.

But finally… after all that driving. We made it. We made it to

Wyo. Sweet victory was ours.


We spent Friday night relaxing and Saturday we made our way to Denver

 to have one more night together. We went to numerous

bars and had numerous drinks and before I knew it, it was time to say

goodbye. I was riding solo now.


It’s been a crazy ride but I’m really excited to start something new.

My new job is great and I’m lucky that my role it to promote

tourism in Wyoming. How easy is that?!?


It’s a big adjustment to move from a large city to the least

populated state in the US. But I’m excited about it. I’m taking up

every hobby possible and trying to meet new people. I’m lucky

the community is super welcoming and everyone is work with

is really warm and inviting.


So. I moved from my beloved east coast to give the west a

whirl. After saying for years I wanted to move, I chased

the dream. They don’t say the west is best for no reason.

So. Stay tuned. For the many adventures I’ll be having in the

wild Wyoming west.



(Lindsay L. this posted is in your honor. The blog is back on.)


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