There’s a new girl in these parts

I’m officially the “New Girl.” And not like the Zoe Deschanel kind.

I should have expected this to happen in a small town where no one knows

my name or story. I’d like to say I’m creating a really clever back story but

that would be a bold-faced lie. I’m not cool enough for that. Instead

I respond with “I’m from the east coast but always wanted to move west.”

Sometimes I peak interest and sometimes I sound just plain crazy.

I can deal with crazy. Crazy IS interesting.


Being the new girl has its up’s and down’s. The down is that I can’t

figure out how to make the internet work in my apartment so I’ve

become a coffee shop internet slut. Which is fine by me because my coffee

shop also serves french macaroons. I’m averaging one per day. The

self-control can only last so long. Maybe this is really an up?IMG_8595.

My neighbors have begun to get curious about said “New Girl.”

One of my friendly neighbors sits outside on the stoop and plays his guitar in

the sunshine barefoot while smoking a cigar. We’ll call him Al. Al

is a cool guy. If he’s awake and breathing… he’s smoking a cigar. In

fact, I’ve even seen him taking out the trash smoking that cigar.

After he shook my hand, the cigar scent stayed there for a week.

Thanks, Al.


Another Up about being a new girl? Exploring. Every inch of my

new-found territory. I feel like Lewis. Or Clark. Or maybe even Sacajwea. It’s

hard to say which one I fall into. I’m just trying to explore and keep good notes.

This place is a feast for my eyes and I don’t wanna stop indulging.

I’m lucky that my job wants me to see everything. Because I intend to.

20140309_115308The Ames Monument. Coincidence? I think not.


20140309_120311Vedauwoo. I can’t wait to get back here and stretch my legs in

the summer months. It’s a cool spot.


I’ve done more than stretch my legs. I’ve also been stretching my stomach.

I frequent Fort Collins often since it’s only about a 30 min drive

and I can’t resist the sight of the Rockies on the drive. Emotions run

high when I make that drive. And then when I get to Fort Collins, I do

my favorite things. Which include coffee from The Little Bird Bakeshop,

picking up cute apartment finds from White Balcony and I finish my time with

lunch at Tasty Harmony. It’s mostly vegan food and I am in heaven there.

It doesn’t hurt that they serve local craft beer and homemade hot sauce.

All my favorite things in one place? Cue the music and lights. I’m in love with

the best lunch I’ve ever had. (Did I just say that?!?)


Case and point. Vegan nachos and a glass of their finest stout. It was almost

better than those butterflies you get when you first meet someone you like.


A vegan wrap with grilled tofu and homemade hot sauce. Served with a

side of mashed potatoes and gravy. And hot dandelion tea with

almond milk and honey. Yeah. Are you drooling yet? Now look-

I realize I sound a bit like a dirty hippy and that’s cool with me. I like to

eat an array of things but I can promise you, meat eaters would even find

something to eat here.


All and all, I’m adjusting to this new life in this new place pretty

nicely. Everything is still exciting and fun and I’m just trying

to meet new people and find my place. I haven’t felt the emotions

that comes with being lonely yet and I hope I don’t. Because my friends

in Boston are incredible and supportive and I’m lucky to have them.

And I’m lucky to be in this new place of yes where everything seems to

fit and work. I just keep waiting for something to go wrong.

Maybe it won’t? Maybe things will keep going the right way? And

maybe, just maybe, I won’t be the “New Girl” for long.

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