The quiet moments

When I decided to move, I knew there would be moments

of complete and utter aloneness. It would hit me like a sack of bricks

unexpectedly. It would be present on weekends when I had my

coffee solo with no recaps of the wild night before.


Loneliness would creep up on me while I was running the

Rockies and no one was there to share the views and the humbling

experience of defeating a 5 mile run over them.


And it would most certainly find me while I was drinking a beer

in my kitchen alone and eating my 100th egg sandwich of the week

while standing over my computer watching another episode of

Portlandia. (I’ve learned to never take advantage of having furniture

again. My air mattress sprung a leak so I’m also bed less now.)


From these quiet moments I’ve learned a thing or two about myself.

I’ve learned that I’m capable of getting past the loneliness and enjoying

the moments with myself. Being alone isn’t a terrible thing. Sure, eventually I’d

love to meet someone and share the dream of dogs, claw foot bathtubs and

visiting farmers markets on our weekends (where we’d for sure use our own

fabric bags. Duh). But until then, I’m taking the moments to do all the things I like

to do. These include but are not limited to:


Getting out there. Road tripping to my hearts desire and exploring.

There’s a lot to be seen and I wanna see it all.


Eating so much creepy vegan food. It’s no secret- I love eating some creepy

eats. Vegan cuisine is a passion of mine. Some people aren’t into it.

That’s cool. I’ll do that solo. That and drink really good beer alone.

I’m not a drunk. It’s just research to find the best of the west.


Getting back into running. I used to be this crazy runner girl. I put

down those miles like I was Forrest Gump. I slacked a little over the winter

but now I’m finding my way back into it and I’m getting into trail running.

I’ve almost broken an ankle like 7 times but maybe that’s part of the thrill?


Trying to find my inner zen and green thumb. I killed Trevor on my cross

country trek so I’m hoping that Buddha will be able to spiritually

heal his soul and appearance. Anyone know how to save a Christmas



So, Yes. I am alone. Yes. There are moments when I’m lonely. But

sometimes you realize that these moments are worth it because

you are opening up for something truly great to come along.

And when it does, I’ll be ready. For the right thing. At the right

time. Preferably that truly great thing will know how to assemble

furniture and will enjoy drinking beer while standing over the kitchen

counter eating our 50th egg sandwich of the week. Let’s be realistic

who doesn’t love a good egg sandwich with frank’s, spinach and

cheese at 9pm?



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