Hooray for a 100 hobbies!

I’ve been crushing life in Wyoming for a little over a month now.

It’s been good. It’s been an adventure. It’s been all sorts of

exciting. In this month, I’ve found my favorite things and I’ve

managed to take on about 100 new hobbies. All of which I plan

to be mediocre at. You know what else I’m mediocre at? Unpacking boxes.


Cause heaven forbid I actually unpack in a timely manner. I will say,

I’ve unpacked the important things. Like items that allow me to eat and

sleep in a comfortable manner. The rest can wait… another month or so.

I’ve just been busy with all my new favorite things. It’s a good list

if I do say so myself.


1- House of Cards.


I binged. I binged until there was nothing left but emptiness

because I now have to wait for the next season. I was watching

3 or 4 episodes… a day. Yeah. It’s that good.


2- Trail Running


I’m not the best runner. I’ve admitted this but I enjoy it. And trail running is

no exception. It’s peaceful and therapeutic for me. A connection to the

earth by way of foot. Poetic? A little bit. I’m lucky enough to live close to

some really great trails. This includes Horsetooth Reservoir and Spring Canyon

Park. Both in Fort Collins should you find yourself in the area. Both will leave

you sucking wind in this altitude.


3- The Wyoming weather


I went snowshoeing one day and trail running the next. The weather is weird

here. No doubt about it. But I dig it. There are few places where I can drive

30 minutes in either direction and do anything. The snow was perfect

in Vedauwoo one day and the trails were sweet perfection in Fort Collins the

next. What I’m saying is- You can have it all here…

weather wise anyways.


4- Brunch


You can take the girl from Boston but you can’t take brunch from the girl.

Isn’t that the saying? NO?! Ok. Well, I still love brunch. And I heard a dirty

rumor that there was an amazing place called Snooze that runs rampant

through Colorado. I heard gin and hot sauce flowed like the Nile and would

sooth even the most disturbed soul. The rumors were true and the Rocky

Mountain Mule spoke to my soul. Me and Christine indulged in sweet, savory

and booze all at once. It was some kind of heaven.


5- Small Town USA.


This is where I live. This is what it looks like on a Sunday morning at 11am.

It’s quiet. And if you pass another soul, they will say hello and ask how you

are. And guess what? They mean it. It’s such a cool community to live in

because it’s just that. A community. One where people know each other.

Take care of each other. And invest in each other. It’s a lot of fun being part

of something and being an active part of this place. Not to mention-

all the townie bars are a joy. A place that sells 1 cent beers on a Wednesday?

I’m into it.


6- New Hobbies.


Hooray for Hobbies! I enjoy trying everything and anything that’s

active. And climbing is one of those things I enjoy. I’m still scared

sometimes but I’m taking my first class in hopes to get better technique

and just get better in general so I can take my climbing outdoors this summer.

Part of the appeal of living here is the unlimited amounts of outdoor activities

you can do. So hooray for the opportunities to take climbing lessons and trying

something new. I’m no Alex Honnold butttttt I wouldn’t mind being his life

partner. And swim and/or drown in those eyes of his.




Now you know a few of my favorite things out here. I’m about to

cut the internet loose and head to the trails for some running.


Question: What new hobby are you pledging to take on this year?

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