I’m in need of some serious answers.

I just got back from cruising through Wyoming for a

quick work trip. I made a nice little stop at Wyoming Whiskey.


Which was all sorts of awesome. I don’t particularly enjoy whiskey. But the

place was cool and I fell in love with all things copper and wood again.


Lucky for them that they weren’t selling gin. If that were the case.. they’d be

running dry.


I will say Wyoming is growing on me. I’m getting used to never knowing

what to expect. Change of pace. Change of person. Did I just make that

up? I think I did. Put that on a T-shirt. I’m still me but with a new girl

mentality and the say yes attitude. I’m about to start singing Kelly

Clarkson’s “Stronger.” I’m going to hold off on that until I’m

done here. But I think you get where I’m going. It’s cool being somewhere

new because it’s refreshing. Everything is shiny and new and you’re

getting in the swing of things. EVERYONE likes shiny. But I am

in need of some serious answers.


1- Are there farmer’s markets?


If there are, where/when are they? I kind of need to know asap because

where else am I going to get my $100 bunch of kale and $22 tub of

hummus?! And don’t say Whole Foods. It’s my favorite but not the same

as outdoor shopping.


2- Where can I find a good pizza?!


That’s all that needs to be said. Just someone tell me where.


3- Are there any good thai/vietnamese restaurants around?


Ok- a lot of this is food related. But for me- this stuff is important. I need

a good plate of pad thai and a giant sprawl of fresh rolls.


4- When does it stop snowing here?


No really. It’s May 8th and there was snow on the ground today. I can’t.

Someone make it stop.


5- Where are all the good-looking men with dogs?


Ok. To be fair, no one looks this good. Not even Ryan Gosling looks like

Ryan Gosling (LIES). If I were a man, I’d own a dog. It is the ultimate

lady killer. So look- do the right thing. Get a dog. Mostly so I can walk it

when I feel like it but the responsibility still lies with you.

Question: Can you answer any of my questions?!

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