A Bucket List Summer

Greetings Kids! I just got back from a stellar visit to Alaska to see my parents.


(Here we are in Denali National Park enjoying some hiking)

It was pretty spectacular. I hadn’t seen them since they moved from Maine back in January. So it was nice to spend a few days with them. And also with this guy—–>

IMG_8868The one and only George. Love of my life. It was so great to see him and he was equally as happy to see me.  Let’s just say I was attacked upon arrival to my parents house at 1:30am. It’s true what they say. Dogs don’t forget their first love. Or is that about humans? Anyways, it was a killer trip. It was only 3 days but it’s good to know I can always go back when I have some time on my hands to break free from the Wyoming winds. I will say, coming back to summer in Wyoming felt pretty awesome. It’s really heating up. (Not my personal life. Just the weather.) And there’s no better time to present the

SUMMER BUCKET LIST. Summer’s were made for them. And here is a sample of mine.


Friends Bucket List- You should ALWAYS make a bucket list with friends. It’s a must in my books. Summers were made for having fun and you friends are a part of that. The above pic is one I made with my Wyo friends. We’ve got plenty of adventures on the books. I can’t even wait to hang out in every corner of the state.

Run a half-mary- With a full on my fall schedule, it would be smart to get serious about training. Seriously, I need to.


Spend some time with my east coast loves- I’m lucky that I’ll be traveling back to Boston a few times this summer so I’ll be able to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people who I’m missing pretty hard right about now. Who knows- I might even put a few friends under the dress. #kanditrademark


Crush some of nature- My plan is to be outside as much as humanely possible. This will likely include Wyo, Colorado, Montana, California, Mass and some weird places like South Dakota. Wherever the wind takes me.


Eat so much ice cream. Like I want to eat it until I almost puke. Or until my stomach hurts so badly that the cramping confines me to my bedroom for an entire afternoon. I’ll never learn.

Seattle is cool

My list also includes a million others things like – cocktails on porches, BBQ’s, outdoor concerts, beach days, jumping through sprinklers and even things like sleeping under my down comforter when it’s 90 degrees outside and I’m sweating because my place is a furnace but I love it. Homemade sauna… yum.

Lastly, I want to spend time just enjoying the longer days, sunshine and various awesome people in my life. Summer will for sure be different in this new place but so far, it’s kicking some butt. I dig it. Wide open space is awesome.


So what’s your bucket list? What are summer must? Do you have a vacation planned already? Let the sunshine in.


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