Yo. Yo. Yosemite.

Sometimes you gotta get some fresh air in order to get your head out of the clouds. Or maybe you just need to put your head in the clouds in order to get some clarity. Is that too deep? Meh. It makes sense to me.



After I finished a work conference in Reno, I decided to rent a car and spend a weekend in Yosemite. Just being one with nature and getting my John Muir on. (And being absolutely filthy from lack of showering and/or caring about my appearance.)


Sir Muir was on to something.


I came out of that place refreshed. It’s amazing what some clean air and waterfalls can do for you. That and drinking beers at 11am daily.



And this.


I spent some time embracing a challenge. Doesn’t exactly hurt when an adorable outdoorsy man is leading the way. On belay, baby.


Wildlife spotting.

So, Yosemite. My new favorite spot. Get there soon. Because my heart is breaking just thinking about you not being there. (Free advertising for them from anyone who visits. They clearly knew what they were doing when they designed this place.)


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