You can go home again…but…

Happy Summer everyone! It’s officially here and I couldn’t be more pleased about it (It sounded like I had some serious manners there.) I’ve been doing my summer shopping rounds and purchased a few items on Asos. Cue “You’ve got mail”. Since I now live in the confines of Wyoming, it’s a little more difficult to find things when I want them so online shopping rules my world.

asoscollage.jpgLet dress season begin.

To celebrate the beginning of summer, I spent a long weekend in Boston with friends. It was glorious. I forgot how much I love that place. That’s probably why people say, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” It still felt like home. It smelt like home. It looked like home.


A few PBR’s and a BBQ with friends didn’t hurt either. I really missed those things (not the PBR’s, the friends time). I had a great time with friends and then head a fun night out at a weird bar with far more beers than I needed. My head hurt the next day. It was totally worth it.


The real reason I was home for was an even better occasion. We had a wedding to get to. It was kind of a big deal.


These two. They just crush my soul when I see them together. In the best way possible. They are two of the weirdest kids I know and it gives me hope that I’ll find my other weird half. We’ll do weird things together. Like have dance parties in the living room and probably drink PBR’s from brown paper bags. FOR FUN. I’m pretty sure that everyone else at the wedding was thinking the same thing. We were all having the same sense of hope. It will linger for at least for the next two weeks… that’s usually how weddings work. Then everyone goes back to their old tricks and games.

Being home brought me pure and utter happiness. I was elated to see friends. The smile couldn’t be wiped from my face. It also really got me thinking that you can go home again. But there are no guarantees. Time changes everything. Even you. Friendships change. Some fade. Some grow stronger. You see people in a new light. Maybe better. Maybe worse. It’s a semi-depressing thought really. But it sure got me thinking about the changes in my life. I’m happy to be in this place of being strong enough to know when to toss things out and when to really hold on to something. Whatever those things or people may be. Life is bittersweet. And that is for certain.


When you’re home enjoy it. Don’t take advantage of it. And know that you can always come back whenever you want. Especially if it’s for something really awesome. Keep awesome close.


Question: What’s your awesome? A person? A place? A home?

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