Trying to be fearless

A long time ago I vowed to stop worrying and become semi-fearless. To be honest, we all have moments of weakness and I too give in to those moments. With them comes worry and stress. How foolish of me! Life is short right? Too short. Too short to be concerned with others and what they think. Because in reality, if you have enough time on your hands to judge and gossip about others, your life must me kind of boring.


Where am I going with this post? Trying to worry less and be fearless has led me to some pretty amazing adventures in life. (i.e. moving cross-country to a place where I knew no one.) The moment I let go of everyone else and only concentrated on myself and *trying* to be the best version of me, I suddenly felt less stressed and honestly, I found myself to be pretty awesome. Toot Toot. I just honked my own horn because when did it become a crime to love yourself? Isn’t that the ultimate goal in life? Finding absolute peace with who you are and not giving a shit what anyone else thinks about it. I make no apologies. I love me. And if you can’t find that in yourself, that totally blows. You must lead a life that you aren’t fully in love with. Make some changes or shut up. Harsh? Nah. Just honest to goodness truth.

Now I make no claims to be absolutely perfect. I struggle everyday to wake up and not hate on something about myself. I am a woman after all. Sure, I’d love to drop a few lbs and have a body like *insert current hot supermodel here*. But, today I’m just me. And that’s pretty great. I guess what I’m getting at is BE FEARLESS. And stop hating on everyone else. Put on a smile. Because when you concentrate on yourself, you’ll do something pretty unforgettable things and you’ll radiate beautifully.

Skydiving for my 28th birthday.


Biking in Burma. Alone. At sunrise.


Running a marathon. Kind of with a smile… most of the time anyways.


Hiking the Incan Trail with Maggie. After talking about it for 3 years.


Eating a hostess cupcake. Talk about living life on the edge.


Traveling solo and embracing it.


How do you do Fearless? 


3 thoughts on “Trying to be fearless

  1. Love this post! You’ve got a great head on your shoulders, and I love hearing about your adventures. I don’t think I will ever be fearless, but I like the idea of not being afraid of stupid things – like what other people think about you! Have a great weekend!

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