All the ways we might meet.

Hey you. Yeah you, Future Boyfriend. Or ex? I’m not sure. I wanted to give you a heads up on all the ways we might meet. You see, I’m a bit of a daydreamer. So to say I’ve been thinking a lot about you would be a total understatement. I think about you when I’m buying groceries wondering if maybe when I turn the corner our carts might slam into each other. Our eyes would meet. I’d notice you were buying kombucha, mass amounts of chocolate and probably some chia seeds or something equally as weird. You’d likely have the latest Runner’s World magazine in your cart and you are probably polishing a bag of trail mix before you even get to the counter. I finished mine 5 minutes ago.


I wasn’t joking. I’ve given this a lot of thought. I’ve never been afraid to fall in love…or lust. Which is why I’ve given our Meet Cue some thought. I hope it’s an organic meeting. Because life is just like a Rom Com right?


I’ve always had a thing for runners. I’m pretty convinced you might be an ultra marathoner. I thought it would be a good idea for me to volunteer at an ultra marathon. I saw you at mile 25. I gave you one of my famous homemade protein bars. You loved it. Because you love anything with nut butter and chocolate chips. You told me you primarily eat a vegan diet and you’ve got a thing for vegan nachos. I just died a little bit. You didn’t win the race but that’s cool. Running isn’t your life. You’re just naturally really good at it. And we’re going to run some miles together.



At the dog park.


Although I no longer am a dog owner, it doesn’t mean I won’t have one again. Because when I get my new dog that I’ve adopted, we’ll be at the dog park a lot because we’ve got to socialize. You’re a fellow mutt lover and your mutt is your new best friend. She’s the most important woman in your life (besides your mom) but you’ve got room for another one. I sat next to you on the bench. We struck up a conversation about our love of dog adoption, day drinking and really good iced coffee. Not only do we get along great, but our dogs have become fast friends. I’m thinking mutt puppies in the future.

At the airport before a flight home.


This is a long shot. What if we don’t live in the same place?! You should know I’m not opposed to long distance. I actually once read an article that said couples in long distance relationships are more likely to try harder and have better communication. You saw me, I saw you. Something clicked and here we are. Our flight is delayed, we have a beer together. You are an avid outdoors man but you hold a steady job because being a Peter Pan isn’t an option for you.  You love multi-day treks, craft beer and you make a mean burger on the grill that is ALWAYS topped with avocado. Before we know it, we’re boarding the plane. Man, we had too much fun. Lucky for me, you switched seats and sat down next to me. Me at the window and you in the aisle. Match made in travel heaven.


At the book store.


I was likely picking up another Young Adult read. You were killing time before an appointment. Or was your car getting fixed? I can’t remember but we struck up some small talk. You asked me how the book was that I was looking at. It was 50 Shades of Grey. Trust me, you’re going to be glad I threw the book over my shoulder out of embarrassment.


The Farmers Market.


This is the biggest contender. We both love fresh produce. We love over priced berries. And most importantly we both appreciate buying local. We both reached for the same box of strawberries. They were the best looking bunch to be fair. We joked. Lots of sarcasm. You asked if I wanted to grab coffee, I said yes. I am so glad I did.


Now you see I am a dreamer. But let’s be honest… you think about these things too. I’m not that crazy. I’m just a hopeless romantic. And I have no intention of changing that.

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