A summer PSA…from me, not PBS.

Even as a kid I understood that summers fly by way too fast. When school was out, I filled my days with biking to a friend’s house to enjoy time in the sun as we roamed freely around town. Where I grew up, roaming around town meant biking 2 or 3 miles to the nearest store to indulge in french fries with ranch dressing or ordering our favorite pepperoni italians from the country store (my hometown ladies know how delicious these are!) Life was good. We didn’t have a care in the world. These days, summers are a little different. Hours are not endless. They are limited due to big kid jobs.

IMG_9305(Building human pyramids in Lake George. Taking back our youth)

Summers now require planning. A shit ton of planning. When did schedules get so impossible?! I have to link up my calendar with all my friends so we can figure out best times to even call each other. It’s so bogus and so adult. I can’t stand it. My planner looks like a schizophrenic date book with scribblings on all of the pages showing where I failed to realize I double booked myself. It’s so lame and so pathetic. I want my youth back. When did a spontaneous life become impossible? Apparently, I lost it around the same time I lost the ability to drink without being hung over.

IMG_8772(the best gin cocktail I’ve ever had to pleasure to hurt from)

We’ve got about a month left of summer. But let’s hope it drags into at least September. The last two weeks have been all summer mode. Here are some snaps from my most recent summer antics and where I have been trying to take back my youth… or at least feel younger than 29.

IMG_9282(Trying to get under that shirt while crawling across a stage. Lindsay just kept giving more cowbell like a champ.)

IMG_9445(This is my first rodeo. It won’t be my last. Cowboy’s everywhere.)

IMG_9476(Pardon this picture but it’s proof I went to Tim McGraw. Not many people can pull off denim on denim.)

IMG_9490(Farmer’s market finds. That’s a pack of scallops. Wyoming knows how to farmer market up.)


Running. This deserves some talk time. Yesterday I ran 16 miles. Like it was nothing. Marathon #2 is in October and honestly training hasn’t exactly been happening. So this was big. I think I finally got my head back in the game. I loved it. That sounds absolutely insane. But I woke up at 6am with a smile on my face and I felt good. New shoes don’t hurt either. 16 MILES PEOPLE. That’s just 10 away from running a marathon.

IMG_9432(With great running comes great responsibility… to drink beer. There are so many breweries in the area, you could drown yourself in beer if you wanted to.)

Ok. That’s my summer PSA brought to you by the letter SUMMER. How’s you summer? How are you taking advantage of it? Don’t blink… because it’s gonna be over so soon. I am weeping in the corner now. Happy Sunday and get outside!



3 thoughts on “A summer PSA…from me, not PBS.

      1. I was doing 14 this weekend and I know what you are talking about 🙂

        Hopefully, next week’s 16 would be shorter than this week’s 14 (it never happens though :()

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