These are a few of my favorite things…this week

{Many thanks for sticking with me through the changes. I’ve been working on a better format/layout for this and will changing to a new web host soon-ish}

I’m getting ready to head out on a mini vaca to the east coast. This time I’ll be back in Boston for a wedding and spending some time with friends and family. Mad props to those that have been doing this traveling circus thing for a while. I’m still getting used to the idea of flying across the country, in either direction, to visit people. It’s hard work, but someone’s gotta do it.



So before I depart, I leave you with some of my favorite things this week.

favorites 1

1- This necklace. I’m obsessed. I’m actually obsessed with the entire store. It’s locally made in Wyoming. Pretty soon my entire apartment will just have a Wyoming theme to it.

2- Farmer’s market finds. The farmer’s market season just started here in Wyoming and I’m looking forward to enjoying it for a few months. Some finds so far are local honey, fresh fish flown in from Alaska (this is not a joke. It would be nice if my parents would just start sending it to me so I could save my $25) and peaches galore.

3- These. I ate them for dinner last night. Sorry that I’m not even remotely sorry.


4- 20 things you didn’t know your iPhone can do. Because we all need to know this. I NEED to know what planes/airlines are currently flying overhead. Thanks, Siri!

5- 17 of the best bad reviews of National Park on Yelp. Yep. These are real. Idiots are everywhere.

6- This glorious floral dress in my life. It would be a fun piece to have to transition into fall with some tights and booties.


7- My new favorite blog. She lives in Jackson and I’m slightly jealous.

8- 30 outdoor travel hacks. Remembering all of these for future outdoorsy plans.

Oh. And my favorite thing of this week. This girl. I haven’t seen the love of my life since February. I’m bordering bad aunt status so I’m making a special trip to Maine to see my number one gal. I hope she remembers my face. And I really hope she tossed out that tutu.


Those are my fav’s of the week. Other than obsessing over all these things, I’ll be hanging out east coast style for a few days. I plan to enjoy some of my favorite eats and hang out with some of my favorite peoples. OH. And maybe try to get in a training run or two. But I’m making zero promises on that one.

Any current obsessions I should know about? I’m an impulse buyer so please let me know ASAP.

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