If you give a runner a cookie

This post is pretty much dedicated to running. And eating. Because honestly, it feels like that’s all I’ve been doing. I mean, yeah, I did spend a weekend back in Boston for a wedding. It was a blast. Dancing, laughing, drinks. What’s not to like.


But it’s back to life, back to reality in Wyoming. So I run. And I run. My new/old Brooks haven’t failed me yet. (If you’ve seen these before it’s because I used to run religiously in these. And then I killed them. Lucky for me, Sierra Trading Post carries them and unlike Taylor Swift, we decided we should forever ever get back together.)


(Oh Brooks. you do all the hard work)

With the running comes the eating. Oh. And have I been eating. Everything. Anything. If it’s readily available in 5 minutes or less, I’m eating it.

IMG_9565Former vegan here. Ribs, cheese covered fries and piles of pulled chicken sandwiches smothered in cole slaw. Sorry vegans, I forgot how the other half was living for a few minutes there. MY GOD. IT WAS HEAVEN.

IMG_9592Oh. And the cookies. There have been cookies. For every mile I run, I eat a cookie. All I want to eat are cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. If you are reading this and you like me, will you consider sending me a cookie bouquet? Give a runner a cookie…and she’ll never stop eating cookies. God bless you and God damn you Whole Food cookie bar.

IMG_9561Life would be better if I would eat things like this. But who the eff wants to eat veggies post run?! I am not one of those people who can pretend a carrot taste like a chocolate bar. CAUSE IT DOESN’T. See what’s happening? I’m basically hungry all the time. It shouldn’t be that surprising considering when I’m not running, I’m out doing epic 6-8 hour solo hikes. Just for fun after I run 16-18 miles.

IMG_9588Rocky Mountain National Park is too close for comfort sometimes. Talk about temptation.

With all this running and hiking stuff, I’ve been trying to take better care of myself. I’m pretty lucky because my lovely friend,Vanessa, works at Northwest Foot & Ankle (in Portland, OR) and she sent me a beautiful pair of Correct Toes to try. I’ve been using them for about a week now in hopes to fix some of the foot/ankle/knee issues I’ve been having. People kind of forget that your feet are doing all the work. Myself included. I’ve worn far too many pairs of shoes that my toes DO NOT want to squeeze into. I’ll give more updates and thoughts after I’ve used them for a while. But if you read up and you like what you see, you can use the code KAMESFREESHIP and get free shipping on a pair of correct toes. Do it. Help your feet. Help yourself. MMMk?


(my poor feet. just getting uglier by the day.)

Anyways. I’m still in Marathon Mode. I feel ok about it.  But I’m hungry. I’m so hungry. So I’m also marathon eating. Which is gonna make me have a marathon ass real soon. Whatever that means. I’m reading this article as we speak. Maybe I’ll learn something.



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