Loving, lusting and lunching as of late

Happy (unofficial) end of summer. Or unhappy? I am sad that summer is bouncing out but I will say, I love the change in seasons. I love them! But from what I’ve heard… fall is a joke in Wyoming since we expect our first snowfall in late September. BRB. I am currently bashing my face off the keyboard.

It’s been a while since my last check in so I figured I’d share my love, lust and lunch as of late. I’m going to be honest, everything is still ruled by my running schedule and mileage. AKA, how much marathon eating am I doing?



Trail Running in beautiful places. I made a trip down to Colorado Springs to enjoy some gorgeous trails. Running here is all kinds of wonderful. But so hot. It was 85 and I ran with my hydration pack and I still wanted to die a little bit. I’m pretty sure I smelt awful when it was over. Praise the heavens above for the invention of baby wipes.


bar cart


The perfect boozecart. I’m having a hard time finding one and I’m convinced it’s the last thing I need in order to pull my apartment together. Which is a lie because I still need to hang things on the walls, put up curtains and buy a bed that will be suitable for two people. Not for a significant other but for when friends visit. Don’t get too excited now.



Oh. Something healthy. Between the 12lbs of cookies and organic/overpriced gummies from Whole Foods, I’ve managed to eat something that’s actually good for me. I got this bowl (a friend called it a “colon blow”) while in Colorado Springs at Ola Juice Bar. So good that I just recreated my own version at home with some BOMB peanut sauce. I’m going to drink the entire bottle later. I wish I was kidding.

There you have it kids. I plan on posting a 6 month Wyoming update soon. I’ve had a LOT of interesting things happen since I’ve moved and I’ve for sure learned a lot about myself. I can’t wait to tell you all about them. Just trust that I’m keeping it weird. Until then… rock on. Interpret that however you like.


 (I’m fully aware I have hair in my face and that I’m wearing pig-tail braids. I’m not even sorry.)

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