6 Months to a Year

6 months in Wyoming. A place I had dreamed about but honestly, I wasn’t sure I had the courage to pick up and move my perfectly ok life in Boston. But life is really funny and totally unpredictable. And I did it. How am I feeling about my decision?


There were moments when it was hard. Like really, really hard. I missed my friends. I missed spending obscene amounts of money on overpriced vegan eats. I missed the bustling city life.

And then one day, those feelings were kind of gone. After about 4-5 months, I didn’t have the pang in my stomach anymore. I looked forward to weekends here with friends and embarking on brand new adventures with them.

Look, I still miss my friends from back home. But strong friendships last forever. You don’t need to see each other or even talk to each other everyday. Sometimes I see something funny and I send a quick text to a friend just to say “I’m thinking about ya.” And that’s the beauty of a real friendship. In life friendships will fade and you may lose people. But that’s life in general. Sometimes you no longer relate to old friends. And that’s ok. Let it go. Trust me. Put that energy somewhere else. I only wished I had learned this sooner.

Do I love it out here? Absolutely. Is this place my end goal? I’m not sure. There are still some mountain towns calling my name.

Why Wyoming? Why not Wyoming?! I love the mountains. And I get my share of them here. I feel pretty lucky.


Do I have friends? You betcha! I have REALLY amazing friends. They understand my love of eating and are always down to get weird. They also already understand that I am a people person and I have too much energy. So sometimes they have to take a break from me. And I’ve learned to embrace it.


Am I dating anyone? Nope. But it’s cool. I’m enjoying the “everything is new” phase.

What next? I have no idea. For now…nothing. This place is it for a while. I’m not ready to leave.  And I’m not ready to head back east anytime soon. (It took me a while to admit that to myself.)

Don’t you miss traveling all the time? Sometimes yes. But I’ve also found that slowing down has been good for my soul. And now I plan vacations that are meaningful to me. Life is no longer a check list and that feels kind of awesome. Plus my credit cards aren’t totally bleeding anymore. (Debt is not cool, kids).


The verdict? I love Wyoming. I love the West. It turns out I’m not an ocean girl. I’m a mountain girl. Jagged peaks. Endless hiking options. It’s been calling me for a while. And I’m real happy that I finally answered.



Question: Done anything super brave before that scared the pants off you but turned out pretty ok?!

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