To all the men I once loved/liked/lusted after. This one goes out to you.

It is true. I love men. And sometimes I have bad judgement and pick the wrong ones. And sometimes, I pick good ones. But if you’re a former man interest in my life, I’d like to tell you a few things.


I still think about you. And this isn’t in a creepy way. It’s in a way where I wonder what you’re up to. If you’ve met anyone. And if you are still as good looking as I remember. Oh, do I remember.

I hope you’re happy. I really really do. I’m not even laughing when I write this. Because I mean it.

If you hurt me, I’m over it. See the above. Because I really do hope you’re happy.

If I hurt you, I’m sorry about it. I am a self sabotager so forgive me.

If I never told you how I felt, I wish I would have. If you were just a friend, I wish I would have told you even more. Being a coward is for the birds.

to all the boys i've loved before wallpaper

Sometimes I’m tempted to text you and say Hi. But I don’t because I worry you’ll think I’m a psycho killer loser. Which I’m not but people are weird and tend to read into a simple text. It doesn’t mean someone is stalking you when they just say hi. FYI.

I often wonder if you think of me. Do you check my Facebook page to see what I’m up to? If I’m still look good? If I’m dating anyone (i’m not)? I hope you do. Not in a psycho killer loser way either. Because then that would be stalking.


If I knew your parents, I wonder how they are. Breakups are hard because that also means you break up with the family. And sometimes I like your family more than I like you.

I kind of wish I didn’t tell you all those embarrassing things about myself. It doesn’t seem so funny now that we’re strangers.

If I knew you in the younger years, I wonder where you are. What you’re doing. How life worked out for you. And if you’re still as good looking as I remember. You probably are.

I miss you. It might just be the idea of you but I miss you. Take my word for it. I don’t miss everything about you but if I liked you to begin with, I can assure you that I miss something about you.



In closing, I hope you are well. Know that I’m still thinking of you (not in a creepy slasher killer psycho way). I hope you’re well. I hope you’re thinking of me (not in a creepy stalker night-walker way). I hope our paths cross again soon (as long as you don’t hate me).

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