Sabbatical over.

Let’s address the elephant in the room. I’m sorry for the hiatus. It was super uncool of me to leave you like that. But sometimes, you need a break. And I needed one. For my own sanity. Life got busy and I took a blog sabbatical. There have been weddings and babies. None of which were mine so you really didn’t miss too much. But let’s catch up, shall we?


I’ve been in Wyoming for a full year now. Crazy right? Life is weird and awesome and totally unexpected at times. And I’m still digging the west. I really can’t imagine moving back east anytime soon. (I’ll never say never.) But I will challenge everyone to come out west. Take a good look around. Can you really head back east after seeing all this? On second thought, stay where you are. We want to keep our little secret spots out here. IMG_8770

I’ve tried a few new things. Like skiing. I’m from Maine and I never picked it up. Then I come out here and start skiing at places like VAIL. I feel like less of a loser with my new hobby.

ski collage

Per usual, I’ve been getting weird in some fun places. Can we talk about how EVERYONE should be offering $1 daiquiri’s like they do in New Orleans?! I’m pretty sure this would solve the issue of world peace. Daiquiri’s for everyone!


I saw my Boston/Maine friends. I had drinks with them. I shared dances with them. And I might have shared a few goodbye/see ya later tears. I still miss them EVERY DAMN DAY. But know this, real friendships are unchanged by distance and time. What a beautiful thing. But sometimes when you show up, someone is pregnant, engaged or married. (hint: it’s not me)


I haven’t traveled internationally in a year. It’s weird. Remember when I did that like all the time? The majority of my trips have been US-based and man, the US of A is amazing! I literally want to see EVERY.SINGLE.NATIONAL PARK. God Bless The United States Of America. #BLESSED


I’m not training for anything. Not a marathon. Not a half marathon. Not an eating contest. Me and running are on a hiatus. I’m sure we’ll sort out our issues, we always do. But I needed a break. He was really running me into the ground (pun intended) and I was in a lot of pain because of him. Never good. IMG_9492So, come back. Come hang out with me again, mmmk? I’ll do my best to keep writing. And I’ll keep writing enough witty banter to make us both laugh so we can survive the daily grind that we call life.

2 thoughts on “Sabbatical over.

  1. Pretty sure I found your blog a few months ago during your hiatus, but it was fun and relatable (single lady tribe members unite….) and overall good enough to follow in hopes that you might start posting again. Obviously this totally stamps me with a scarlet letter “C” for “Creeper,” but I’ve never had the best social skills so it’s kind of a wash.

    Anyway, excited to read more!

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