Why we’re single. Or kind of involved. Or, let’s not label it.

It is clear that you can expect me to post at least once a month. If it’s more than that, you’re lucky and I must be on my A game. I’ve really been enjoying spring like a boss. I’ve been skiing, running, hiking, basking in the glorious sun on 70 degree days and laying in bed when it decides to snow a day later. It’s rad.


I’m taking on a serious subject today. Dating in this day and age. I recently watched the Aziz Ansari stand up on Netflix and he hit the nail on the head with how AWFUL our generation is at dating. No joke. It’s kind of gross. All these people walking around being too busy to meet someone but then bitching that they haven’t met anyone. It’s LUDICROUS (LUDA!). So let’s talk about how we can fix it. Mmmm k?

Problem 1- Texting Texting is great for many reasons. I do it all the time! But I also realize, we are losing touch. You can’t tell someone’s tone of voice. Like when I reply “k” am I pissed or am I just too lazy to type “ok?” You may never know unless you call me. I might be sitting in my room with a voodoo doll of you as we speak.


(Banksy posted this on twitter and it hurt a little cause it’s true)

Problem 2- Online browsing I am not against online dating. I am against people joining these things and NEVER actually going on a date. They just walk up and down the aisles seeing what they like but never intending to buy. Aren’t those shoppers the worst?

I dont want a relationship

Problem 3- We’re all so effing flaky Yes. Aziz said it and I agree. We can’t commit to plans with friends because heaven forbid something better come up. You’re an asshole. These are your friends. Hang out. You never know. They might introduce you to someone new! And if you need to change plans, be honest.


(apologies this is blurry but you can read this shit.)

Problem 4- We’re all so “busy” But are you? Are you too busy to shower? Are you too busy to get that coffee every morning? Are you too busy to call your mom? Didn’t think so. You make time for the things that are important to you. If it’s not important, you’ll keep putting it on the back burner. Like those last 5lbs you want to lose, cleaning your closet and dating. All important things.

Problem 5What if I meet someone better/I need to hold out for perfect. What if you don’t find that so called perfect person. Better yet, what if you met them and you just let them waltz by because you’re waiting for the next best thing? I’m just saying… give people a shot.

Honestly, I’m totally guilty sometimes of these things. But I will say I try not to be too busy and I try not to be flaky. Because let’s be realistic. We’re ALL sitting on our cell phones 75-90% of the day. If someone text you… text them back, man. Just do it.

Well all else fails, hit the trails like me. Breath some fresh air. Breath in some new life.



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