30 before 30… errrr 31

Here is the infamous 30 before 30 list but we have to disregard the fact that I turn 30 in October. I’m now giving myself until 31 to finish it. I spent some time thinking of things that are important to me, things I should do just for me and things I should just do for the sake of doing them.

Please feel free to send all suggestions since I’m sure there a few more things I should really consider doing.

Get a tattoo. Sorry Mom and Dad. I scheduled this and it happens a week from today.

Spend an entire day hiking away from it all. Since moving to Jackson, I’ve done this almost every single weekend. Sometimes with a friend. Sometimes with the masses. Sometimes solo while running so fast and singing at the top of my lungs for fear I may run into a bear at any moment. Life over.

JLL run

Run another Half or two. I did two. One in May and one in late June. I crushed them both. And now long distance running is on the back burner.

Visit another National Park. I’m heading to visit friends in Oregon in October and I’m hoping to get Crater Lake in.

Indulge in a day of climbing. I love climbing. It’s been too long since my last nice day of it.


Go on a Backcountry Trip. There are talks of doing the Teton Crest Trail in September. That’s really getting away from it all. But if not in 2015, it will happen next summer.

Camp out under the stars. I am lucky in love and life these days because since moving, I’ve met plenty of like-minded people and a night of camping with all of them was a summer highlight.Teton Camp shot

Perfect my chocolate cake recipe. I’m talking chocolate on chocolate. And I’m close on this.

Paraglide/Skydive again. Clearly, I love me some heights.

Take an International Trip. This is in the works. And will happen.

Have the most delicious meal that cost $$$$. Restaurant has been picked. Just have to find the day.

Splurge on something I really want. I bought myself new sunglasses. I’d say that at over $100, that’s as close as a splurge as I can get.

Treat my friends. This year was the year of trying to be a better friend. This meant calling/writing/texting when I was thinking of them, sending postcards from the road and/or doing something nice for them. And most of all, listening to them when they needed an ear. I’ll never really finish this one.


Roadtrip. I’m road tripping with friends in September up to Bozeman. It’s going to be epic.

Buy myself flowers. I never do this. And I freaking love fresh flowers.

Unplug for an entire day. No phone. No computer. No TV. WHAT?! I went 12 hours while hiking. Does that count?

Snorkel or Scuba Dive. How refreshing. Another hobby to take on.

Learn to surf. Might as well combine this with a few other things on this list.

30 days of Yoga & Stretching. This should be like #1. I’m the worst at this.

Meditate more. It helps me sleep but I’ve been a slacker. Plus, who doesn’t need a little more zen?

Treat myself to an expensive(ish) bottle of champagne or wine. Because I can. I did.

Indulge in a movie marathon with a friend or two. I might even set up a blanket fort.

Dance like nobody’s watching. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. This is like a nightly basis. 5 drinks deep or sober. These crazy legs move.

Volunteer. I’ve signed up to give my time to a few different things in town. It should be great and also allow me to meet more people.

Spend time with my parents. Because time isn’t something you can get back. I’m lucky they are coming out soon.


Go vegan for a month. I’ll be honest…this is on my list but I’m not sure it will happen. I still don’t eat a ton of meat but I’m not sure I can quit it.

Treat myself to a massage. Ahhhh sweet luxury.

Attempt Fly Fishing. This has been on my Wyoming wish list and it’s time I do it.

Let myself Lust or Love as much as I want to. Because it’s what life is about. Plus, who doesn’t love those little butterflies?

So that’s the list. Things keep changing on here and I keep adding and removing things but for the most part, I like this list. I mean I could add some things. Like, dye my hair pink or eat dessert for every meal one day.

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