Not a big one. Not a small one.

I just celebrated a birthday. Not a big one.

Not a small one. Just 27.  But I was surrounded by friends,

coffee and my new fav chocolate.

Theo rocks. Especially this kind. So good.

People get me and the way to my heart.

Flowers from friends.

I went out to dinner with gals pals to celebrate at

Highland Kitchen. It was delicious to say the least.

We laugh, chatted and there were a couple presents.

My friends know me well enough to know my addiction

to running has grown to extremes. I got a new hand-held

water bottle, head bands to keep my hair in place and some tasty

electrolyte filled treats. I have some pretty sweet friends.

It was a great birthday and I already know 27 is going to blow

every other year out of the water. Here is why:

1- I’m hiking the Incan trail in Peru. Yeah.

2- I’m running a marathon! This speaks for itself.

3- I’m traveling to Cambodia again.

4- I’ll be visiting Vietnam and sailing around Ha Long Bay.

5- I’m traveling to Myanmar…aka Burma.

And this is all in the first 6 months. I can’t imagine what the rest

of the year will hold. So, I’ll continue to be the best I can be.

Being my best includes running. I’m not ready to hang up the shoes.

I’m living in this killer city where running is the most

loved sport. We have the best marathon in the world to prove it.

(So I think?)

I’m also going to keep cooking unreal meals. Like this.

That pile of orange is Vegan Mac & Cheese.

It’s better than what you are thinking. I’m fueling my body

and my mind for life, health and to keep strong.

27 is going to be a big year. Maybe the biggest.

I’m dreaming big. Traveling bigger. And running the biggest race of my life.

I will keep listening to LMFAO radio and my podcast.

I highly suggest “Runner Academy” and “Wait, Wait don’t tell me.”

I’m going to make 27 the best year with the help of these new friends,

old friends and a personal sidewalk dance party.

Do you make birthday resolutions? Do you make a to do list

for your own personal new year?

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