Sabbatical over.

Let’s address the elephant in the room. I’m sorry for the hiatus. It was super uncool of me to leave you like that. But sometimes, you need a break. And I needed one. For my own sanity. Life got busy and I took a blog sabbatical. There have been weddings and babies. None of which were mine so you really didn’t miss too much. But let’s catch up, shall we?


I’ve been in Wyoming for a¬†full year now. Crazy right? Life is weird and awesome and totally unexpected at times.¬†And I’m still digging the west. I really can’t imagine moving back east anytime soon. (I’ll never say never.) But I will challenge everyone to come out west. Take a good look around. Can you really head back east after seeing all this? On second thought, stay where you are. We want to keep our little secret spots out here. IMG_8770

I’ve tried a few new things. Like skiing. I’m from Maine and I never picked it up. Then I come out here and start skiing at places like VAIL. I feel like less of a loser with my new hobby.

ski collage

Per usual, I’ve been getting weird in some fun places. Can we talk about how EVERYONE should be offering $1 daiquiri’s like they do in New Orleans?!¬†I’m pretty sure this would solve the issue of world peace. Daiquiri’s for everyone!


I saw my Boston/Maine friends. I had drinks with them. I shared dances with them. And I might have shared a few goodbye/see ya later tears. I still miss them EVERY DAMN DAY. But know this, real friendships are unchanged by distance and time. What a beautiful thing. But sometimes when you show up, someone is¬†pregnant, engaged or married. (hint: it’s not me)


I haven’t traveled internationally in a year. It’s weird. Remember when I did that like all the time? The majority of my trips have been US-based and man, the US of A is amazing! I literally want to see EVERY.SINGLE.NATIONAL PARK. God Bless The United States Of America. #BLESSED


I’m not training for anything. Not a marathon. Not a half marathon. Not an eating contest. Me and running are on a hiatus. I’m sure we’ll sort out our issues, we always do. But I needed a break. He was really running¬†me into the ground (pun intended) and I was in a lot of pain because of him. Never good. IMG_9492So, come back. Come hang out with me again, mmmk? I’ll do my best to keep writing. And I’ll keep writing enough witty banter to make us both laugh so we can survive the daily grind that we call life.

To all the men I once loved/liked/lusted after. This one goes out to you.

It is true. I love men. And sometimes I have bad judgement and pick the wrong ones. And sometimes, I pick good ones. But if you’re a¬†former man interest in my life, I’d like to tell you a few things.


I still think about you. And this isn’t in a creepy way. It’s in a way where I wonder what you’re up to. If you’ve met anyone. And if you are still as good looking as I remember. Oh, do I remember.

I hope you’re happy. I really really do. I’m not even laughing when I write this. Because I mean it.

If you hurt me, I’m over it. See the above. Because I really do hope you’re happy.

If I hurt you, I’m sorry about it. I am a self sabotager so forgive me.

If I never told you how I felt, I wish I would have. If you were just a friend, I wish I would have told you even more. Being a coward is for the birds.

to all the boys i've loved before wallpaper

Sometimes I’m tempted to text you and say Hi. But I don’t because I worry you’ll think I’m a psycho killer loser. Which I’m not but people are weird and tend to read into a simple text. It doesn’t mean someone is stalking you when they just say hi. FYI.

I often wonder if you think of me. Do you check my¬†Facebook page to see what I’m up to? If I’m still look good? If I’m dating anyone (i’m not)? I hope you do. Not in a psycho killer loser way either. Because then that would be stalking.


If I knew your parents, I wonder how they are. Breakups are hard because that also means you break up with the family. And sometimes I like your family more than I like you.

I kind of wish I didn’t tell you all those embarrassing things about myself. It doesn’t seem so funny now that we’re strangers.

If I knew you in the younger years, I wonder where you are. What you’re doing. How life worked out for you. And if you’re still as good looking as I remember. You probably are.

I miss you. It might just be the idea of you but I miss you. Take my word for it. I don’t miss everything about you but if I liked you to begin with, I can assure you that I miss something about you.



In closing, I hope you are well. Know that I’m still thinking of you (not in a creepy slasher killer psycho way). I hope you’re well. I hope you’re thinking of me (not in a creepy stalker night-walker way). I hope our paths cross again soon (as long as you don’t hate me).


What I know and don’t even come close to knowing at 29

This post is late. I’ve been slacking a little but cut ME¬†some slack. I just turned 29 and ran a marathon. So I’ve been kind of¬†been a little busy having some fun and not running.


I thought being 29 would make me more wise. I’m just older. So here are some things that I¬†don’t know and some things I do know at 29.

What I want to do with my life. I have no idea. Does anyone really know?

Where I want to live.¬†I have no clue. Boston still feels like home to me. Wyoming is great but I’m not ready to say¬†forever.¬†Other places on my livable list- Portland Oregon, Boulder, Asheville and Seattle.

When I will settle down. Probably never. I think I can keep having adventures and fun long after I meet someone.

What is the meaning of life. My answer would likely include days filled with laughs, bags of swedish fish and a really attractive boyfriend. I haven’t figured this one out yet.

(These are my marathon fishies. Breakfast of champions.)


What does 30 feel like. I don’t know. Because I’m not 30…yet.

The best question of all time from my niece “Why don’t you have a boyfriend yet? I don’t know what to tell anyone anymore.” Me either girl. But I will tell people that I’ve now been betrayed by my niece who has jumped on the “every single girl needs a boyfriend.” I should just tell her I’m a lesbian. It might be more believable at this point.

What is right and what is wrong. I’m here to tell you that I don’t know. I do know there are a lot of ways to get to the right answer. There is no one way. Do you know how to solve poverty, world hunger or figure out why the Big Dig didn’t help Boston traffic AT ALL? No. Didn’t think so. Step down from¬†the soap box.

IMG_3498Why does booze taste so good but hurt so bad?¬†I don’t know. But if someone can teach me that I will feel like complete ass the day after drinking, I’d pay you so much money.

Your parents are almost always right. Nothing is 100% in this life. But I’d say they are like 99% spot on most of the time.


You can change your mind. As much as you want to. Until you can’t anymore.¬†There are no truer words.

People will judge you. They will. It’s true. But it’s your job to realize they are judging for a reason that has nothing to do with you. Because otherwise, why would they care what you do? Shouldn’t they be busy living their own life?

Pain is temporary.

Beer taste good.

Running Marathons are hard. But it will change you and your life. And you will feel like such a bad ass knowing that less than 1% of the US population completes one.


YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. You can. Anything you want, go for it. Just go for it. I dare you. Did I empower you?

What matters most in this life?¬†Family. Friends. Nights that should never ever end. Pizza at 2am. Being the person you always wanted to be. Feeling challenged. A good glass of wine. A perfectly curated box of chocolate. 70 degree days. Helping others. Giving your time. Having the most fun that you can every single day. Rising above. Doing things you never thought you could. But that’s just my take.

(Friends that turn into family.)


(Climbing mountains alone.)


(Wine or champagne. Both are delicious.)


So here’s to 29 being awesome.

What do you know or not know at this point?

In defense of the single 20/30 something woman

I promise not to quote Beyonce too many times in this post. But it will be hard. After all, this is for all my single ladies. Ok, done.



I’m 28. Almost 29. And I am single.¬†I’ve learned to turn a blind ear to the questions that follow you on your awesome path of singledom. And I’ve gotta say… What’s with all the judgement? Have you forgotten your days of being single and care free?¬†Oh you have?! Bummer. I’m pretty sure these truly are the glory days.

Since you seem to have forgotten friend etiquette, let’s¬†go over all the things to STOP saying to your single friends/family members/perfectly good strangers buying dinner for one.

“What’s wrong with you?!” Oh yeah, it’s me. It’s gotta be right? If you ever say this to me I’ll punch you in the face. Because the truth is, there is nothing wrong with anyone who makes a choice to be single (unless you’re straight up crazy. then you might have a problem). We’re just holding out for the right one and why settle for anything less than the best?


“You’re too picky!” Am I? You’re right. I guess I should just settle with Joe Schmo who totally sucks at life and will probably treat me horribly and we’ll have no common¬†interests. NONE. You’re right… that sounds so much better than waiting on the right one.

“Don’t you want to start a life and a family?”¬†Now this is weird butttt… I have a life. A really, really good one. And I have a family. A really, really good one. Both of those may change some day and I’ll totally welcome that change. But for now, I’m going to keep¬†this to a party of one because I don’t need a baby before I have the daddy.

“Ugh. I remember being single. It was awful!” You’re right. I totally hate going on dates, staying out too late and having memorable nights with friends.¬†Sleeping in until whenever is the worst. I hate doing whatever I want, whenever I want. SAID NO ONE EVER.


“Don’t you get lonely?”¬†How could I be lonely? I’ve got loads of friends and a good balance of solo time that I spend doing all the things that I want to do. Crazy right?!

“I’d never want to be single again.” Cool. Good for you.¬†Hope you don’t wind up single EVER AGAIN. But for now I like it. As much as I like eating cupcakes. Which is a lot.


“Why do you still go out all the time? You’re almost 30!” Yeah. Because when you were single you didn’t do the same thing? But you’ve probably already forgotten those days. Don’t worry, I’ll make up for all your missed time on the single dance floor. Also, age is just a number you fool.


Have you learned anything there? Hopefully you did but let’s review what you should take away from this if you are single.

1- KEEP BEING AWESOME. Seriously, just don’t stop.

2- That’s it.

Here is what you should take away from this if you have single friends.

1-¬†Don’t be a judgmental pain in the ass. It ain’t your life bro.

2- Live vicariously through your friend(s). He/She will come home with crazy stories. And trust me, you want to hear all of them.

I have friends that have a better half and even as a couple, they are outrageously fun to hang with. They are also a prime example of what I want my own relationship to look like. Don’t be like Eminem and Lose Yourself.

6 Months to a Year

6 months in Wyoming. A place I had dreamed about but honestly, I wasn’t sure I had the courage to pick up and move my perfectly ok life in Boston. But life is really funny and totally unpredictable. And I did it. How am I feeling about my decision?


There were moments when it was hard. Like really, really hard. I missed my friends. I missed spending obscene amounts of money on overpriced vegan eats. I missed the bustling city life.

And then one day, those feelings were kind of gone. After about 4-5 months, I didn’t have the pang in my stomach anymore. I looked forward to weekends here with friends and embarking on brand new adventures with them.

Look, I still miss my friends from back home. But strong friendships last forever. You don’t need to see each other or even talk to each other everyday.¬†Sometimes I see something funny and I send a quick text to a friend just to say “I’m thinking about ya.” And that’s the beauty of a real friendship. In life friendships will fade and you may lose people. But that’s life in general. Sometimes you no longer relate to old friends. And that’s ok. Let it go. Trust me. Put that energy somewhere else. I only wished I had learned this sooner.

Do I love it out here? Absolutely. Is this place my end goal?¬†I’m not sure. There are still some mountain towns calling my name.

Why Wyoming? Why not Wyoming?! I love the mountains. And I get my share of them here. I feel pretty lucky.


Do I have friends? You betcha! I have REALLY¬†amazing friends. They understand my love of eating and are always down to get weird. They also already understand that I am a people person and I have too much energy. So sometimes they have to take a break from me. And¬†I’ve learned to embrace it.


Am I dating anyone? Nope. But it’s cool. I’m enjoying the “everything is new” phase.

What next? I have no idea. For now…nothing. This place is it for a while. I’m not ready to leave. ¬†And I’m not ready to head back east anytime soon. (It took me a while to admit that to myself.)

Don’t you miss traveling all the time? Sometimes¬†yes. But I’ve also found that slowing down has been good for my soul. And now I plan vacations that are meaningful to me. Life is no longer a check list and that feels kind of awesome. Plus my credit cards aren’t totally bleeding anymore. (Debt is not cool, kids).


The verdict? I love Wyoming. I love the West. It turns out I’m not an ocean girl. I’m a mountain girl. Jagged peaks. Endless hiking options. It’s been calling me for a while. And I’m real happy that I finally answered.



Question: Done anything super brave before that scared the pants off you but turned out pretty ok?!

Loving, lusting and lunching as of late

Happy (unofficial) end of summer. Or unhappy? I am sad that summer is bouncing out but I will say, I love the change in seasons. I love them! But from what I’ve heard… fall is a joke in Wyoming since we expect our first snowfall in late September. BRB. I am currently bashing my face off the keyboard.

It’s been a while since my last check in so I figured I’d share my love, lust and lunch as of late. I’m going to be honest, everything is still ruled by my running schedule and mileage. AKA, how much marathon eating am I doing?



Trail Running in beautiful¬†places. I made a trip down to Colorado Springs to enjoy some gorgeous trails. Running here is all kinds of¬†wonderful. But so hot. It was 85 and I ran with my hydration pack and I still wanted to die a little bit. I’m pretty sure I smelt awful when it was over. Praise the heavens above for the invention of baby wipes.


bar cart


The perfect boozecart. I’m having a hard time finding one and I’m convinced it’s the last thing I need in order to pull my apartment together. Which is a lie because I still need to hang things on the walls, put up curtains and buy a bed that will be suitable for two people. Not for a significant other but for when friends visit.¬†Don’t get too excited now.



Oh. Something healthy. Between the 12lbs of cookies and organic/overpriced gummies from Whole Foods, I’ve managed to eat something that’s actually good for me. I got this bowl (a friend called it a “colon blow”) while in Colorado Springs at Ola Juice Bar. So good that I just recreated my own version at home with some BOMB peanut sauce. I’m going to drink the entire bottle later. I wish I was kidding.

There you have it kids. I plan on posting a 6 month Wyoming update soon. I’ve had a LOT of interesting things happen since I’ve moved and I’ve for sure learned a lot about myself. I can’t wait to tell you all about them. Just trust that I’m keeping it weird. Until then… rock on. Interpret that however you like.


¬†(I’m fully aware I have hair in my face and that I’m wearing pig-tail braids. I’m not even sorry.)

If you give a runner a cookie

This post is pretty much dedicated to running. And eating. Because honestly, it feels like that’s all I’ve been doing. I mean, yeah, I did spend a weekend back in Boston for a wedding. It was a blast.¬†Dancing, laughing, drinks. What’s not to like.


But it’s back to life, back to reality in Wyoming. So¬†I run. And I run. My new/old¬†Brooks haven’t failed me yet. (If you’ve seen these before it’s because I used to run religiously in these. And then I killed them. Lucky for me, Sierra Trading Post carries them and unlike Taylor Swift, we decided we should forever ever get back together.)


(Oh Brooks. you do all the hard work)

With the running comes the eating. Oh. And have I been eating.¬†Everything. Anything. If it’s readily available in 5 minutes or less, I’m eating it.

IMG_9565Former vegan here. Ribs, cheese covered fries and piles of pulled chicken sandwiches smothered in cole slaw. Sorry vegans, I forgot how the other half was living for a few minutes there. MY GOD. IT WAS HEAVEN.

IMG_9592Oh. And the cookies. There have been cookies. For¬†every mile I run, I eat a cookie.¬†All I want to eat are cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. If you are reading this and you like me, will you consider sending me a cookie bouquet? Give a runner a cookie…and she’ll never stop eating cookies. God bless you and God damn you Whole Food cookie bar.

IMG_9561Life would be better if I would eat things like this. But who the eff wants to eat veggies post run?!¬†I am not one of those people who can pretend a carrot taste like a chocolate bar. CAUSE IT DOESN’T. See what’s happening? I’m basically hungry all the time.¬†It shouldn’t be that surprising considering when I’m not running, I’m out doing epic 6-8 hour solo hikes. Just for fun after I run 16-18 miles.

IMG_9588Rocky Mountain National Park is too close for comfort sometimes. Talk about temptation.

With all this running and hiking stuff, I’ve been trying to take better care of myself. I’m pretty lucky because my lovely friend,Vanessa, works at Northwest Foot & Ankle (in Portland, OR) and she sent me a beautiful pair of Correct Toes to try. I’ve been using them for about a week now in hopes to fix¬†some of the foot/ankle/knee issues I’ve been having. People kind of forget that your feet are doing all the work. Myself included. I’ve worn far too many pairs of shoes that my toes DO NOT¬†want to squeeze into. I’ll give more updates and thoughts after I’ve used them for a while. But if you read up and you like what you see, you can use the code KAMESFREESHIP and get free shipping on a pair of correct toes. Do it. Help your feet. Help yourself. MMMk?


(my poor feet. just getting uglier by the day.)

Anyways. I’m still in Marathon Mode. I feel ok about it. ¬†But I’m hungry. I’m so hungry. So I’m also marathon eating. Which is gonna make me have a marathon ass real soon. Whatever that means. I’m reading this article as we speak. Maybe I’ll learn something.